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Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

  • 1.  Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Thu February 18, 2021 03:36 PM
    Edited by Jess Leitsch Thu May 13, 2021 06:46 PM

    Hi everyone, 

    You can watch the on demand recording here. 


    Stuart King
    IBM Planning Analytics Offering Manager

  • 2.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Thu May 13, 2021 10:30 AM
    Hello, we are using Planning Analytics for Excel version 57. We have 2 users that have very large spreadsheets with DBRW formulas. There appears to be about 9000 formulas.  When they try to recalculate the spreadsheet, part of the sheet updates and the remainder has #VALUE.   If they recalculate again, the #VALUE's update and other formulas that already recalculated, get #VALUE.  All the formulas are basically the same and are not complex or dependent on anything expect the parameters in the file.


    Rich Poulillo


    Richard Poulillo

  • 3.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Thu May 13, 2021 10:45 AM

    Great news regarding the data label formatting in visualizations in version 2.0.64.

    I have two questions:

    1. PAW - When will the black widget frames be removed?

    2. PAW - Will the new cube viewer only have a new design or also new functionality? See my more detailed post here.


    Mario Hasler

  • 4.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Thu May 13, 2021 06:41 PM

    Hi everyone, 
    You can watch the on demand recording of this month's LIVE AMA here. 

    Please  include any additional questions below. 


    Michael McGeein

  • 5.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Sat May 15, 2021 06:50 AM
    Edited by George Tonkin Sat May 15, 2021 07:31 AM
    HI Michael,
    I was unable to join the AMA this month but have some questions for the team. Some may have already been communicated to the team previously:

    Exploration Widget
    • When will it be possible to double-click a column separator to autofit to contents?
    • Could you look at being able to drag and drop members to reorder them in the exploration, similar to how you can with dimensions on title, rows and columns.
    • Often users would like to use members from the exploration to do something else with. If you are viewing an exploration with products on rows for example and have zero suppression on, you would be challenged to open the set editor and find them. Only alternative is to export exploration and copy once in Excel. Right now, if you highlight a row in the exploration, copy and paste to notepad for example, you get the data but lose the context e.g. the Product. Would be useful to include row context or have an option to copy the selected/visible members.
    • If you have been re-arranging an exploration widget, there is no way that I can see to revert to the original view. Is there an option or plans to add one?
    • For Dimensions on Rows and Columns, the drop-down behaviour always shows Sets, more often than not, users want to search or filter by members and need to open the set editor. If you drag the dimension to the canvass, you can choose which behaviour it has. Any plans to expand this option to dimensions on Rows and Columns?

    • May be missing it but cannot see how you can add users to TM1 Security groups. Is there a way?
    • How can we start/stop Performance Modeler without using the TM1S.cfg file?
    • When re-ordering dimensions there is no indication of memory increase or decrease – could have disastrous/unintended consequences if the result is an exponential increase and apply changes.
    • Dimension Element/Hierarchy Sort Order. Cannot see how one would do this in PAW without running a process or changing in the control cube. Possible?
    • Some UI issues in terms of sequencing - When adding a button to navigate to another book, the Book and Tab are in the wrong order. You select the book and have to go above your selection to the drop-down for the tab. Confusing as your eyes are drawn to the book selection then you would naturally read down to look for the tab selection.  Same issue when creating a button to run a process - Parameters are first then server then process.
    • Any plans to all the Default item for a parameter on a button that is linked to a subset to use an index e.g. 1 to always show the first element e.g. current period?
    • Any chance that the Rules editor and TI editor will get the ability to expand and collapse sections that are defined by IF/ENDIF, WHILE/END like Notepad++ and other editors. The PAW interface is strides ahead of perspectives but with large TI processes where the Data section is over 1000 lines, I often need to move to another IDE to work more efficiently.
    • Attributes on Attributes - sometimes you need to create attributes on attributes but cannot see that you can do this in PAW. Looks like it has been limited. Any reason for this?
    • View definitions - In perspectives, right-clicking on a cube to export it is useful as you can see the subsets/members assigned to each dimension. Any plans to have something similar to get a summary and view/open the sets assigned e.g. check that what you assigned in TI
    • Why when adding new parameters to a TI process do they default to Numeric? Cannot remember the last time I used a numeric parameter.
    • The option to create a picklist cube on Attributes seems to be missing. Is this on oversight?
    • Busy/Working icon is too faint.  Users do not always see it especially when working with an exploration with lots of larger numbers and little white space. Any ideas to allow this to be customised by colour or by transparency?

    Hope these are useful and constructive. Thank you.

    George Tonkin

  • 6.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Mon May 17, 2021 04:13 PM
    On e more, unless I have overlooked something. In PAW, where can we set the "Security access" to a TI process like we can easily do in Architect/Perspectives with a right-mouse click. I am not aware of a programmatic solution either so an option in the UI of PAW is needed.

    Wim Gielis

  • 7.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Tue May 18, 2021 01:15 AM
    HI Wim, You can enable or disable using the kebab menu on the right of the Widget, next to FX.
    Would be better if it was shown on the shield icon visibly like the dimension editor widget. Would be more consistent too.

    George Tonkin

  • 8.  RE: Ask Me Anything: Planning Analytics - May Edition

    Posted Tue May 18, 2021 01:37 AM
    Thanks George !

    Wim Gielis