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Unexpected behaviour parameter map based on query

  • 1.  Unexpected behaviour parameter map based on query

    Posted Fri May 01, 2020 04:45 PM
    I am using Cognos 11.1.2 and am converting several parameter maps which are filled manualy to parameter maps based on
    existing query item. This is far more flexible because publish of the package is no longer necessary.

    All the parameter maps have a default value in case a key is not found.
    Load on demand is false, Freshness = -1.
    The package containing the parameter map uses DQM.
    The parametermap is used in the filter of a query subject. For example: [Organisation Code] in CSVIdentityName( %ParamMap )

    Before using a query item this worked correctly and in the case any of groups a user belonged to did not exist as a key in the parameter map,
    then the default value of the parameter map would be used.

    But now the parameter map is based on a query item the default value is ALWAYS included in the result. After a lot of trying I discovered that
    this issue only happens when using DQM. If I validate the filter definition, the values are not populated. Only after expanding the
    parameter map on the tab parameters in the available components. If I test the query and check the query it looks good. But when I check the
    Use Dynamic Qyery Mode box, then the query includes the default value.

    I have tried several things like: load on demand = true, freshness = 0 or > 0, Use Local Cache, Clear cache, Governer settings. But nothing helps.

    Can someone confirm this is a bug or has a solution for this problem?

    Thomas van der Meer

  • 2.  RE: Unexpected behaviour parameter map based on query

    Posted Sun May 03, 2020 12:41 AM

    Hi Thomas,

    I'm sorry to see you're having a this issue. 
    I just checked the code and unfortunately there is a difference in behaviour between Compatible and Dynamic Query Mode.
    I would recommend that you log a bug for this. I'm not sure if there is a way to workaround this issue, short of going back to the static map.
    How long are you planning to be on this version of Cognos, just curious, since 11.1.6 was released recently ? (This problem is also present in 11.1.6.)
    // Henk


  • 3.  RE: Unexpected behaviour parameter map based on query

    Posted Mon May 04, 2020 07:39 AM
    Thank you for the confirmation. I my specific case it will cause no problems, but it could be a nasty issue.
    I think many companies with Cognos do the authorization (data security) with these filters. I'm very surprised that
    this bug was never reported. But I'm glad I know that it exists.

    Unfortunately there is no upgrade of Cognos planned in the near future. All investments are postponed.
    So I have to be patient. And an upgrade will not solve this bug -;)

    Thomas van der Meer