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Member properties in a crosstab summary line

  • 1.  Member properties in a crosstab summary line

    Posted Wed September 09, 2020 02:46 AM
    Hi Everyone,

    I am wondering if anybody can help me with this.
    I have a crosstab with several levels of a hierarchy on the left side, with totals for each level.
    The label for each total line is just "Total" (or "Summe" in German)
    What I want to do is show a property of the parent level item instead of the default Total label.

    Now, technically, I know what to do: Unlock the label cell, drag the property data item into the cell, next to the default label.

    However, this works only on the first level of the hierarchy. In all sub level, I get "--" instead of the property.

    My data source is a DQM model coming from a TM1 cube.

    Example: I have

    -product category
    --product group

    and the property I want to show is FullName on all levels.

    Then I get a crosstab with

    "Category1" | "Group1.1" | "Prod1.1.1" | values...
    "Category1" | "Group1.1" | "Prod1.1.2" | values.....
    "Category1" | "Group1.1" | "Total --" | values    //this should be "Total Group1.1"
    "Category1" | "Total Category1" | values.... // on this level it works

    "Grand Total" | values.......

    If I have more levels below "Product" , it's the same problem, the property is only showing "--" on the total line, only the total for the top level of the hierarchy shows the property.

    I have tried defining separate data items for the label, or using the auto-created one, I've tried to get the value through some MDX navigation starting from "current member", nothing seems to help.

    So please, if anyone has an idea on this....  thanks a lot in advance....

    Best Regards

    Stefan Held

  • 2.  RE: Member properties in a crosstab summary line

    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi Stefan,

    if you get the "--" then you are not using the proper "OLAP" source.

    The MDX then cannot understand the dimension aggregation. We have solved something similar lately. We solved it by adding properties either to column or row fields. Also make sure you do not have any relational formulas in the crosstab.

    Josef Minarik