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  • 1.  Current state of the report queque

    Posted Wed July 21, 2021 04:58 AM

    I would like to ask you, is there any possibility to get informations about current state of the report queque and reports that are in it via Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 REST API? Based on this documentation:, I can't specify any way to do it. Are all endpoints listed in the documentation? Maybe is any other method or tool to get such informations like this? 

    I will be grateful for any help.

    Ireneusz Trepka

  • 2.  RE: Current state of the report queque

    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed July 21, 2021 06:06 AM
    Hi @Ireneusz Trepka

    >Maybe is any other method or tool to get such informations like this?
    Yes, we use java with SDK to query and configure any information from the system:
    	public void dumpDispatchers() {
    		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
    		ContentManagerService_PortType cms = c8Access.getCmService();
    		log.debug("Getting dispatchers...");
    		SearchPathMultipleObject spmo = new SearchPathMultipleObject("/configuration/dispatcher");
    		PropEnum[] props = new PropEnum[] { PropEnum.userName,, PropEnum.searchPath,
    				PropEnum.defaultName };
    		Sort[] sort = new Sort[] {};
    		QueryOptions options = new QueryOptions();
    		ArrayList<BaseClass> removeDispatchers = new ArrayList<BaseClass>();
    		try {
    			BaseClass[] results = cms.query(spmo, props, sort, options);
    			if (results.length < 1) {
    				log.error("Query for dispatcher did not return any results");
    			} else {
    				for (BaseClass bc : results) {
    					String accData = "Dispatcher: " + bc.getSearchPath().getValue();
    					if (!isDispatcherRunning(bc.getSearchPath().getValue())) {
    		} catch (RemoteException e) {
    			log.error("Error querying dispatcher data. " + e.getMessage());
    ​using a different searchpath
    you might get the queque information. 

    Looking up scheduled items in our CA environment shows this searchpath:

    So using 
    should return all objects from that searchpath.

    Unfortunately I do not know the exact searchpath to the queque - here is the searchpath documentation

    A different approach could be using a different service like jobService: see documentation here
    Looking at the XHR request that are fired against CA11 we see a POST request to /activities asking
    for eventManagementServiceSpecification, which then returns the queque content according to the post parameters.

    And finally you may have a look at our "cocoma" (Cognos Configuration Manager) repo on github, <- this is where the above code is quoted from.
    It is running and tested against 11.x .. allthough haveing c8 or c10 in the name of java clases.

    Hope this helps.


    Ralf Roeber

  • 3.  RE: Current state of the report queque

    Posted Thu July 22, 2021 02:06 AM

    You could also use a standard JMX tool to connect to the JMX port and retrieve system metrics.

    Here is a C10 document on using IBM products to achieve something:

    Easy to do and the JMX port is configured in your Cognos Configuration. Monitoring System Metrics Externally - IBM Documentation

    Luke Peterson
    Business Analytics Advocate