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Planning Analytics as a Service Getting Started Checklist

By YIN CHU posted Mon March 18, 2024 01:17 PM


Have you recently purchased Planning Analytics as a Service or do you need a refresher of steps to get started? Please see a list of steps to get onboarded and to get the most out of your purchase: 

View your subscriptions

  • SaaS Console will have a list of your subscriptions and give the ability to manage subscriptions and to provision your environment:

Create a database

  • Your instance will not have any databases by default. To create a database, follow this guide:

Migrate from PA v11

  • To migrate from Planning Analytics on premise or Planning Analytics on Cloud (IBM Hosted), follow this guide:

Add users


Install PA for excel add-in

  • Download from PAW:

  • Add-in can be launched for a single session by double clicking on the .xll file or installed for all sessions in Excel. If users have conflicts with other add-ins, launching for a single session may be required.
  • With either method, it is advisable to rename the .xll file to a generic name without version numbers to simplify future upgrades. i.e. IBM_PAfE_x64.xll
  • Installation and upgrade guide can be found here:

Set up support

  • Support portal:

  • Your IBMid account is also used to create support cases with IBM Planning Analytics support for product related issues. Refer to this link on how to manage support access

  • Refer to this guide to acquire support access for your organization. When acquiring support, you will use your ICN (IBM Customer Number) which is described in this link (
  • Ensure to choose "Planning Analytics as a Service" as the product you wish to request support for


Create data source connection

  • Enable ODBC connectivity with the ODBC data connector:

  • Client software will need to be installed on a local machine
  • Port 5555 may need to opened to an IP addresses depending on which AWS location you are using:

Add API Key (optional)

  • For some third-party utilities and to use REST API, add an API key to an existing account:

  • This replaces the non-interactive account that users were accustomed to with Planning Analytics on Cloud


Setup federation for user logins (optional)

  • Account authentication can be setup for your organization using your identity provider
  • This would allow users to login with the same username / password they already use at your organization
  • You will create a support case with the IBMid federation team to enable
  • Federation can be setup for a whole domain or specific users. It is much simpler to setup for a whole domain but do understand that other IBMid applications and support access will be changed to a federated setup
  • Refer this guide for more details:


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