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Grab your data “on the go” with the new Cognos Analytics Mobile App!

By WILL BRANNEY posted Thu October 15, 2020 03:08 AM

Did you know you can use Voice Activated Natural Language to explore your data with the new Cognos Analytics Mobile App? Have you ever needed to grab that vital piece of information just before you go into a meeting or had an idea while out walking the dog?

There’s no mistaking the Mobile App is a great addition to the Cognos Analytics family and the demo in the recent IBM Cognos Analytics UKI Virtual User Group session caught a lot of people’s attention.

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As well as the using the voice control features of your iOS device, you can of course access your insights quickly and easily using more conventional touch capabilities.

The simple and easy to use interface is organised into four key areas, we saw how you can:

• Use Boards to organise related visualizations.
• Share Content with colleagues.
• Get Notifications for key changes to your KPIs.
• Use the Assistant to explore your data.

Main Menu Description


Boards are a new and innovative way to view visualizations on a mobile phone, and Pins are visualizations taken from existing Dashboards.

It’s simple to create a board: just use the Content tab, search for your favourite dashboard, browse the components to find what you need and then Pin for re-use.  Collate your chosen pins onto a brand-new board and give it a memorable name.  In this example, we are using the Policy Analysis samples available within Cognos Analytics, pinning and saving column charts and sunburst diagrams relating to insurance policies.  Being able to select just the items that you are interested in and organising them on your own board gives you the flexibility to find and save exactly what you need, while still drawing on trusted, governed content curated by others.

Column chart sunburst

Sharing Content

Collaborating and sharing meaningful content with others is achieved easily on the mobile app through the Manage Viewers option available from the 3 dots at the top of your favourite board.  Find your colleague from the directory list and Add them for it to become visible to them. 


Notifications and Alerts

Notifications are alerts you receive on your mobile device in response to changed data, so when there's an important change or difference in your data, you get alerted and can respond immediately. No more waiting till you get back to your desk... You can take action straight away! 

Individually configurable in the mobile app and leveraging the notification preferences of your mobile device, use the Alert megaphone icon to set data-based thresholds and the Calendar icon for time-based frequency, meaning that you receive just the right amount of information on the schedule that you want.


Assisted Exploration

Voice or text-based commands can be used to explore your data using the AI Assistant capabilities within the Cognos Analytics mobile app.  Start with something like “show data” to find your underlying data set, then ask “what influences profit?” to find the factors or fields that have an influence on your key business measures.

AI Assistant
Accompanied very quickly by a range of related visualizations, you can pin these to new or existing boards which helps you to really discover, explore and share insights in your data.

scatter chart
Want to try it out?
The Mobile app was released in August 2020 and is available for Cognos Analytics on Cloud users and iOS devices. (Android and On-premise is planned to follow this release)

You can download the App from the Apple App store here and no extra license is required.

The Mobile App is also included with the 30 day Free Trial. Get Started here now for free!

Connecting for the first time is incredibly straightforward. Once the app is installed on your mobile device, point your phone camera to read the QR code in your Cognos Analytics home screen to complete configuration and enable your first logon; no more complicated URLs to type into a mobile keyboard! Credentials are securely configured and saved so that for subsequent connections, all you need to do is open the mobile app, simple!

See me in action
Take the dog for a walk and try it for yourself … If you want to learn more about the new features of Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 and see the mobile app in action, please click to watch the replay of our latest IBM Cognos Analytics UKI Virtual User Group.

Will Branney is a Cognos Analytics Technical Sales Specialist based in the UK and has worked for IBM and Cognos Analytics for over 10 years focussing on helping customers apply the best technical solutions to solve their business problems.