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VIDEO: How to use Maps in #Cognos Analytics Dashboards (11.0.6)

By WILL BRANNEY posted Wed May 24, 2017 04:13 AM

This blog and video is a step by step guide on how to use Maps in Cognos Analytics Dashboards


In the video we will show you:

  • How to Model your data so the data is recognised as Geospatial.

  • How to use some of the key map features.

  • How to use the ‘Refine Regions’ data slot.


Cognos Analytics 11.0.6 with Interim Fix 1 (This contains important updates to the mapping components)

The attached data file was used for the following examples: Map Data

How to model your data so it is recognized as Geospatial

Step 1 - Upload the file

  1. Save the attached data file  map_data.xls locally. Open Cognos Analytics and go to ‘Upload Files’ and upload the file to your Cognos Analytics Server.

Step 2 - Create a Data Module from the uploaded file

  1. Click on ‘New’ then ‘Data Module’. Click ‘Uploaded Files’ and search for your uploaded file. Click ‘start’ then drag the file to the new module.

  2. Expand the uploaded file and click on the ellipsis next to ‘County’ and then select ‘

  3. In the ‘Represents’ drop-down box select ‘Geographic Location’ and then select ‘County’.

  4. Optional Step: In the video example I limit the data to California in my data module. To do this Click the ellipsis next to ‘State’ and select ‘filter’.  Click the checkbox next to ‘California’ and click ‘Apply ‘.  Alternatively, you can use the entire file but please note this will be truncated to 3,000 rows which is the current data limit for maps

  5. Save the data module.

How to use the Refine Regions data slot

  1. Using the Data Module from the previous steps, drag ‘County’ to ‘Regions’ and ‘Measure’ to ‘Region Color’.

  2. You will see an ‘Ambiguous regions’ data warning in the top right of the widget. This means the listed counties will not be mapped. E.g. Holmes County is in both Mississippi and Florida so the widget will need more information to map successfully.

  1. To resolve the ambiguity, drag ‘State’ to the ‘Refine Regions’ data slot and this will allow the Widget to determine exactly which County needs to be mapped. (Please note - when adding a refinement region always try to add the applicable next level parent.)

  2. This will produce the following Map:


Please visit the IBM Cognos Analytics channel on YouTube.