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The new Learn pane in Cognos Analytics 11.1.6

By Trish Smith posted Thu April 23, 2020 11:15 AM

IBM Cognos Analytics users can now experience a new way to learn and get help. So what's new? When you log in to Cognos Analytics, you'll notice a new Learn pane open in your user interface. Or, if you are already logged in, you can click the Help icon and open the Learn pane. The cognitive help tailors your question to where you are working and finds only the answers that are relevant to you. You can find the latest videos, blogs, and documentation. There's a lot to learn!

The Learn pane in Cognos Analytics 11.1.6

Let's get started

The Help icon

Click the familiar Help icon to open the Learn pane (don't worry, it remembers where you were the last time you opened it). Click anywhere to close it!


When you first open the Learn pane, you'll see a list of recommended topics.

The Learn pane recommends content that relates to your task and finds similar content that you might also like. It recommends documentation topics, some blogs, and a video or two. 

The icons beside the content tell you the type of content that is available for you to use.

And, the Learn pane is always learning! When you search and find answers, you are training the Learn pane. These answers contribute to the search recommendations that appear at the bottom of your search results.

You'll see the topics that the Learn pane recommends in the list under You might also like.

Recommendations in the Learn pane

Search results in Learn pane.


Search for answers by typing a question or by entering keywords in the Search for answers input field.

You can search in any supported language in the Learn pane and you see translated documentation in your search results.

You also see blogs and videos that match your search, however, blogs and videos aren't translated.

If you don't find the results that you are looking for, you can click the Ask in the forum link at the bottom of the Learn pane and submit a question to the Cognos Analytics forum.

Filter to see your favorite content type

Do you prefer to watch videos? Maybe you would rather read blogs. The Learn pane allows you to filter the search results based on your preferred content type so that you can learn in the way that works best for you.

You can read documentation topics written by subject matter experts.

Or, you can read a blog written by the experts in the Cognos Analytics Community.

Or if you are a visual learner, you can watch YouTube videos, tutorials, and examples created by the IBM Business Analytics Support team.

Filter in the Learn pane

What's new opens in the Learn pane

What's new

The What's new alert is still there in your top banner, but now the new and changed features that you need to learn about are opened in the Learn pane where you are working.

Even better, now the Learn pane tailors the new and changed topics to what you are working on.

If you are on the Welcome page, you see everything that's  new in this release.

If you are working on a dashboard, you see only what's new in Dashboards for this release.

If you dismiss the What's new alerts banner, you can always go back and see the new and changed topics. Just click the What's new link at the bottom of the Learn pane!

Visit the Community or the IBM Knowledge Center anytime

On the Learn pane, you can visit the IBM Knowledge Center to read all IBM Cognos Analytics documentation.

Or you can go to the Cognos Analytics community to find the latest posts, events, and discussions.

Knowledge Center and IBM Community links

Learn how to use the Learn pane!

Learn how to use the Learn pane