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Going mobile with Cognos Analytics just got more affordable than ever! Just $5/month

By Tim Aston posted Wed July 14, 2021 04:54 PM

I'm really happy to announce that we've unleashed a new user license tier for Cognos Analytics, and it is the most affordable license for Cognos we've ever offered!  You can now license users for our Analytics mobile app for just $5 a month!  That's right, for just a fiver you can entitled user to the power of Cognos while they are on the go.  They will have access to all these great features:

  • Use the new Analytics mobile app
  • Consume shared pin boards
  • Receive alerts
  • Use the assistant in the app, using any available data sources
  • Create your own pin boards in the app
  • Browse Team Content and open dashboards/explorations in the app
  • Scan a QR code from desktop to authenticate into the app
​This is available for both our cloud hosted and on-premise customers using Cognos 11.1.7 FP2 or 11.2.x.  For users that need more than mobile access, all our other license tiers already include mobile capabilities.

So who is this mobile-only license for?  Think about users that aren't always going to have quick access to a computer, but whose productiving would benefit from analytics.  This could be a business executive that is always running from meeting to meeting and isn't going to pulling up detailed charts on their computer.  Or a sales manager that only needs to be alerted about important data events like when the monthly target being reached.  Or think of a warehouse supervisor who just needs to quickly find out what items are low in stock in a particular department.  The Cognos Analytics mobile app is perfect for all these use cases.

Here are some more ideas of how different personas might use the three main features of the app: Specific charts they might pin.  Questions they might ask the Assistant (which they can even do via voice input!), and alerts they might receive via push notifications.

Pinned charts

Questions to ask The Assistant

Push Notification Alerts

Sales person

% target reached by region/dept

"What is the contract value for customer X on product Y?"

Sales pipeline below target at mid-quarter

Plant supervisor

Daily output, with forecasts

Production line backlog is high

Warehouse employee

Daily stock, by department

"Show are the bottom 10 products by stock count"

Stock level of XYZ is low

On-site service tech

Top 10 issue types, by service type

"How many of part XYZ are in stock?"

Reported issues per hour is high


Wait times by hour per day, with forecasts

"What are the number in stock of first aid supplies?"

Estimated wait time above X

Delivery driver

Number of deliveries by  neighbourhood

Package wait time exceeded

Retail store manager

Weekly sales by product category

"How many hours has X worked this week?"

Staff vacation hours exceeds limit

Since the mobile license is priced so affordably, this is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box about new and exciting ways you can bring mobile analytics to your organization!

Learn more about the IBM Cognos Analytics mobile app here.




Fri July 16, 2021 03:48 PM

Hi Philipp.  Yes its available for 11.1.7 and 11.2, thanks for pointing that out, I've amended the blog.  Details about configuring the role can be found here:
Pricing page should be updated soon.

Thu July 15, 2021 03:17 AM

Hi @Tim Aston, That sounds really good! Is this license also valid for 11.1.7? Could you please share more information about the license itself? It obviously isn't included in the license role description (​ or the pricing list ( yet. ​​