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New welcome page, new navigation, and new charting in Planning Analytics Workspace!

By TAYA SHCHERBAKOVA posted Fri October 02, 2020 11:41 AM


In Michael Mcgeein’s recent blog, you were introduced to the new Planning Analytics Workspace SC57. Michael outlined some of the upcoming release's new capabilities, including

  • Guided Planning
  • The new landing page
  • New visualizations
  • AI-based forecasting

This blog will go into more detail on a few of these new functionalities. We will focus on the landing page experience, new navigation paradigm, and new dashboarding charting capabilities, and new visualizations.


New landing page

The previous Planning Analytics Workspace landing page organized user assets in folders, where a tile on your screen represented each asset. In Planning Analytics Workspace SC57, user content is presented in a "list" view, which is much more compact, reducing screen clutter.

We also enhanced the landing page search and sorting functionalities and added a few new features: Favorites and Recents tabs. You can now add any asset (including folders) to your personal Favorites collection, for easy retrieval. The system populates the Recents tab with a list of your most recently accessed user assets.


New Navigation experience

The new navigation experience is more straightforward and allows you to access your content from anywhere within the Workspace. Previously, dashboard users had to return to the landing page to open other books. With Planning Analytics Workspace SC57 you can access any content from your Shared and Personal folders within the book using the new left-hand navigation panel.


New Dashboard

Planning Analytics Workspace SC57 greatly enhances how the dashboard builder can customize her books. The new properties enhancements include

  • Aligning multiple objects all at once.
  • Moving the position of the tab within the dashboard in any direction.
  • Viewing grid lines on the dashboard while in Edit mode to ensure perfect positioning.
  • Creating new enhanced color palettes. You can now choose from one of the multiple color palettes provided, or add any color to your color palette using a color wheel, or specific RGB code. You can also share your custom color palettes with colleagues.


New visualizations

Finally, Planning Analytics Workspace SC57 includes a variety of enhanced visualizations, including new chart types such as a waterfall chart and a bullet chart. The charting creation process is now more intuitive, allowing you to assign data to the exact slots where you need them. You no longer need to use a cube viewer (aka exploration) toolbar and position dimensions to see the desired chart by nesting and stacking them.

In the new Planning Analytics Workspace S57, you can

  • Create charts without first starting with an exploration view. After adding a chart object to the dashboard, you can drag and drop dimensions, sets, and individual elements from the Data Tree onto the drop zones within the chart object to build a visualization from scratch.
  • Manage the visualization using the Fields panel within the dashboard.
  • Drag and drop dimensions to different fields to change the visualization's structure or select an individual field to choose a specific member to use in the visualization.
  • Start with exploration and switch it to a chart, similar to previous versions of the Planning Analytics Workspace.
  • Customize the legends in charts. You can now select different titles for axes, adjust the font, color, and position of the label itself.

As you can see, there are a lot of enhancements in the latest release! Stay tuned. More blogs and updates are coming soon!

Watch my overview video!