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Workbench Tips: New Dimension Editor

By Svetlana Pestsova posted 13 days ago


New Dimension Editor Tips

We released our New Dimension Editor (New DE) on PA 2.0.82 with some good improvements compare to our Classic Dimension Editor.

1.       Better UI with IBM Carbon Design

2.       Performance improvement especially for the large dimensions

3.       More options for filtering  including sets, levels, selected members, their attributes and security with action like in cube viewer and set editor

Let me list some smaller features of the New DE that could be helpful for your dimension work.

First, you could review the dimension properties from the ellipsis menu:

The property list is searchable: 

Next, if you’re manually entering new members in New DE, it’d allow you to go back and change a member name before committing the results:

As in Classic DE you can’t change the entered name and need to cancel your work and start over:

Also notice that not only the member type could be changed but also a weight of the member in the New DE. There are additional steps in Classic DE to apply weight in the Info tab: 

Lastly, the Format values could be set from the ellipsis menu either for whole dimension or for selected members. 

Select Format column header, then click the ellipsis and apply format for your dimension:

Setting selected member format via ellipsis menu:

Both dimension editors New and Classic ones are available on Workbench for now, we’re collecting the feedback from our users for further improvements.