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Tips for Workbench

By Svetlana Pestsova posted Fri February 17, 2023 02:31 PM


We’ve been releasing new features for modeling in Workbench, but some small ones were not promoted widely, so I’m taking the opportunity to add some tips on how you could improve your Workbench experience.

First, there is an option to open the editor or wizard in a new window directly from the database tree. The option to open a separate window is available for cubes, dimensions, processes, rules, settings, views, chores, and sets. This is also available for Control Objects. Press the Ctrl key while right-clicking anywhere on the desired asset. You'll see options to open or create an asset in a new window. (CMD for Mac). Also note that the create new objects icons are at the top right now  and taken less space.

If your mouse pointer is over the ellipsis, the CTRL+ Click would work to show these additional menu choices:

The benefit is that you could open an object in the new window faster and with less steps.

We didn’t put more options on the right click menu as there is often long list of options with the scroll bar enabled.

Note that there is also a browser specific additional action with Ctrl + double click.

That is not a Workbench specific feature, but it could be used as well.

It would allow you to open an object in a new browser tab:

Another small feature would be to use Shift + Mouse hoover shortcut key to display a function info in rule editor:

or in TI editor:

Hope you’d find these tips useful for your work.




16 days ago

Thanks al lot !!!!! 

it's always more fun to work with the workbench!

Sat February 18, 2023 03:56 AM

Thanks for sharing Svetlana - always good to read these insightful articles rather than stumbling on the functionality by accident.