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Tips: How to enable the Calendar picker for PAW cube viewer and websheet

By Svetlana Pestsova posted Fri June 10, 2022 04:09 PM


It’s easy to use a calendar picker in a PAW cube viewer on a book and it is convenient as it minimizes the wrong entry:

The format for this dimension member should be set up to date for that control to appear on a cube viewer:


This is not the same for websheet in PAW or PAfE as it requires a bit more work for the calendar picker to be available as Websheets reflects MS Excel formats. Note: The format in my case is "c:mm/dd/yyyy". You could try different date formats, just need those ones the common calendar picker is supporting.

PAfE just treats the cell formatting as General when applying it to the sheet, so the date is shown as a number (see the example on the right) and the user needs to do an additional step of adjusting the formatting to date, since PAfE uses MS Excel formats not TM1 server formats. Apply the format as below:

So, if we formatted that and publish, then there is no issue in a PAW book to use this websheet, it shows the date, and the calendar picker would be available as well:

Remember, websheets reflect the status of MS Excel sheet at publish time. If those cells are formatted as dates on the sheet, both TM1Web and websheet used on PAW book should show the desired format. If they see different outcome in TM1Web vs PAW websheets, make sure that both services are pointing to the same server instance and same sheet.




Thu December 22, 2022 04:37 PM

Hi  Mahmut,
I tried on PAW 2.0.82 and it was not working for me, I'll post later if it is a defect or the additional steps need to be done,
Thank you for letting me know,

P.S. Mahmut, please log this case to the support, there have been some changes regarding the format that need to be rviewed.

Thu December 22, 2022 01:42 AM

Hello Svetlana, I tried your method to use calendar picker in cube viewer of PAW 2.0.80.
But, the calendar picker cannot be seen. Do you any comments about that I may do something wrong?
@Svetlana Pestsova @Errol Brandt​​​​

Thu June 23, 2022 01:37 AM

Super useful, thanks Svetlana