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Case of multiple product synchronization in one Planning Analytics Workspace book

By Svetlana Pestsova posted Wed December 08, 2021 09:21 PM


Here is an interesting situation that happened recently while using multiple product synchronization in one Planning Analytics Workspace book, and we’ve got a working solution. It's simple but effective and we hope that you can use it in your development.

Problem: A user doesn’t want any SUBNM functions to be visible or modifiable in Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel. If you hide the rows containing the SUBMN function in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, then the websheet won't be able to synchronize in Planning Analytics Workspace.


This was the workaround with the white font of the text on two dimensions Year and Month to be placed in PAW/PAfE in order to be able to do the synchronization affecting versions 2.0.69 and below. They have to change the text color to white on white background. It pulls through and synchronizes correctly to the SUBNM which is what they want it to do. But unless the SUBMN is visible in PAW it doesn't work. So, those SUBNM are for the Year and Month dimensions.


  1. Lock the cells containing the SUBNM functions on the websheet.
  2. Lock the sheet.
  3. Republish the sheet.