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New and Improved in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.63

By STUART KING posted Fri April 09, 2021 09:20 AM


Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.57 introduced the Workspace “new experience” as the standard for Planning Analytics Local, and an option for Planning Analytics on Cloud.  The Workspace new experience is the most significant improvement to design and usability of Workspace to date.  Details about the new experience can be found here.   However, the introduction of Workspace new experience is only the start of our significant investment in the design and usability.   The upcoming Workspace 2.0.63 release signifies our continued investment into Workspace.  Here are a few of the areas we have improved Planning Analytics Workspace in the upcoming 2.0.63 release.

Save and Move dialogs

New save dialog

The save and move dialogs have been updated to support searching, sorting, creating folders, and replacing books.  You can search for folders, books, and views in either the shared or personal folder.  Note that this is a deep search that will find content inside folders in the current folder.

Tab controls

Clicking on a tab while in edit mode now provides a menu of available actions.  The option to delete the tab is no longer hidden in the tab.

Database Tree hidden when not in edit mode

The database tree is hidden from view when a book is not in edit mode.  To expose the database tree, the book must be set to edit mode.  This change provides more horizontal space for users consuming the book.  This change also makes it clear that you must enable edit mode to pull content from the database tree into the book.

Note that the edit pencil has been replaced with a labeled switch.  This change should make it clear when the book is in edit mode.

Left-aligned switcher

The content switcher is now left-aligned for a consistent look and feel with Cognos Analytics.   The content switcher no longer includes a Home option. To return to the home page, click IBM Planning Analytics at the top of the screen.

Collapsible navigation panel

The navigation panel is hidden until you click on the top left Home menu.  You no longer need to return to the Workspace home page to navigate or access Workspace content.  For example, if you’re working on the Administration page, you can navigate directly to a book by opening the navigation panel, opening the Shared folder, and searching for the book.

Combined toolbar

Book and widget toolbars are now integrated into a single toolbar.  This change improves the vertical space available to book creators and consumers.  Buttons for each widget are displayed to the right of the book buttons after selecting the widget.  Remember that only some of the buttons for each widget will appear when not in edit mode. 




Thu April 29, 2021 12:23 PM

There's some good enhancements to 2.0.63, but twice in the last week since the update our production server has been unavailable due to "Connection Pool Shut Down" issues affecting multiple cloud clients. We were planning on upgrading to the new experience this month, but now that's been put on hold. Any idea if the upgrade caused that issue?

Sun April 18, 2021 12:14 AM

Thanks Stuart, it's nice to see these subtle changes continue to make it easier for users.

While I like the edit switch, the good thing about the pencil was that it transcended language barriers.  Does the 'Edit' label get translated for users with different browser languages?

Fri April 16, 2021 01:49 PM

Great ideas contributing to a much improved and more intuitive developer and user experience. Appreciate the changes and improvements.