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Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Headphones?

By Silver Hawak posted Mon August 09, 2021 03:59 PM


Headphones have become the must-have accessories for every smartphone and laptop user. Not to forget, these headphones are crucial for gamers but the infusion of artificial intelligence is the new trend that everyone’s excited to try out. Truth be told, the AI-infused headphones might struggle with low battery but the headphone junkies are ready to sacrifice.

Is AI Good For Headphones?

Artificial intelligence is proving its point in every industry, irrespective of the scale and niche. When it comes down to AI, it can deliver a top-notch listening and audio experience since it uses unique materials. The integration of AI and algorithms will actually understand what you usually listen to, analyze the dislikes and likes, and choose the music accordingly to enhance your overall experience.

To illustrate, the music will be paused or volume will be lowered when headphones detect someone coming your way (yes, automatically). On top of everything, the AI headphones can create the sufficient and most suitable tone through self-equalization. In the section below, we are sharing the prominent features that AI headphones boast!

Active Noise Cancellation

Sure, active noise cancellation isn’t new because multiple headphones are already canceling out the noises to provide an exceptional user experience. However, the same feature with AI headphones is different because they can cancel out literally every noise. That’s because it can select the specific sounds that you would hear and pass them to your ears without interrupting the music experience.

Intelligent Sound Equalization

You might have read hundreds of office headset reviews but the headphones infused with AI will meet and exceed your expectations like nothing else. This feature can help calibrate and equalize the music automatically. The equalization techniques will calibrate the frequencies, promising a better music hearing experience.

That being said, intelligent sound equalization will do its wonder when you are in a trafficked or crowded area by cancelling out the loud tones. This is because the sound equalization technique in AI-infused headphones will listen to different frequencies in the surroundings and the music will be recalibrated accordingly to kill off noise pollution.

Digital Assistant

The headphones infused with artificial intelligence helps users access digital assistance, such as Siri and Google Assistance wirelessly through voice commands. This is because the earbuds of the headphones will be able to control much more than the phone. That being said, the headphones will allow the users to control the TV, tablets, and smart home appliances.

If you are wondering about the conference calls, the users will be able to tag in and tag out of the calls. Not to forget, Siri can be enabled and reservations can be made as well.

Song Recommendations

Song recommendations might sound like old news but AI has the capacity to do the same with much more effectiveness. This is because artificial intelligence has the capacity to understand your routine and habits to make song recommendations. The best thing about AI is that it will make song recommendations based on your mood because it uses internal clocks, heart rate monitors, and accelerometers!

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