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Top Five Technologies IBM Is Working On

By Silver Hawak posted Fri July 09, 2021 07:32 AM


Innovation is always thought of as coming up with new ideas but the real world is different. This is the real-world innovation is about solving errors and it initiates by identification of problems and outlining the solutions. That being said, IBM has come out with five technologies that are likely to make a massive change in the five upcoming years. 

With this year, IBM Is focusing on digital technology because it’s become an essential part of every business. With this article, we are sharing information on five technologies that IBM has released and the ones that focus on digitalization. Aren’t you intrigued to know more? 

AI-Based Microscopes At Nanoscale 

Back in the 17th century, a draper gained interest in magnifying glasses and he used them for inspecting the fabric. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it had a humble beginning but over these 450 years, microscopy has resulted in countless discoveries. That being said, IBM recently came up with a revolution, known as a nanoscale microscope which is powered through artificial intelligence. 

These microscopes are designed to work with optical chips and can observe the smallest cells and AI will analyze them. In addition, IBM is collaborating with the NSF (National Science Foundation) for transforming the cells of the body into microscopic sensors. As a result, scientists and doctors will be able to diagnose the diseases easily and curate the treatments. 

Combination Of Blockchain & Crypto-Anchors 

Back in 1999, one assistant brand manager observed the nearly obscure technology that would use radio waves for powering small devices that can be used for revolutionizing supply chain management. For this reason, RFID chips have made it big and are being used to help keep track of inventory and manage them. 

It’s pretty evident that these RFID chips are increasing the efficiency but it’s lagging on the security front. For this reason, IBM released crypto-anchors and blockchain technology for securing the supply chains without spiking up the costs. 

Lattice Cryptography 

When it comes down to cyber hackers and attackers, they made some great hacks in 2017 but it wasn’t good for the public. For instance, the breaches in the database of Uber and Equifax have provided them access to over two hundred million records. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it makes the financial systems vulnerable. That being said, IBM has launched lattice-based cryptography which uses lattices to secure the data and information from the quantum computer systems.

Rooting Out The Data Bias 

When it comes down to data bias, it has become an exponential issue and Microsoft Tay is one of the examples which was trolled and exposed on Twitter. That being said, IBM is working to embed the human principles and values in the decision-making and develop systems for preventing, testing, and auditing data bias. As a result, the companies will be able to observe the algorithms and make ethical decisions. 

Quantum Computing 

Quantum computing has been designed by IBM and they’ve been working on it for decades now. In the upcoming year, quantum computing will become an essential technology and they have launched it with three different aspects, known as Q Network, Q Experience, QISkit. All in all, this computing technology will be able to identify the problems, set goals, and transform ideas into reality. You can also call in SEO Sydney to integrate such technologies in your business for better outcomes!