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7 Key Tips for Building and Promoting Your Brand Online

By Sijdah Hussain posted Thu September 05, 2019 02:51 AM


Thousands of startups are initiated and abandoned each year. Only the ones that know how to play tactfully and hold fast to their foundations in the face of raging commercial storms survive. Having transitioned online, the business sphere is becoming more and more unpredictable. One wrong move could lead to your abrupt downfall. The same move, under different circumstances, could elevate you above your competitors. It’s all based on chance. But if you throw the dice carefully, you can turn the odds in your favor.

To stay in the flow and thrive in such a competitive climate, you need to put yourself out there and make yourself heard from amongst a sea of similar voices.

Got a startup in the pipeline? Check out the following tips, which will help you create and market your brand effectively. Not only that, they will guide you as to how to make your stand in the virtual world and how to monetize.

Give It a Name

The virtual world is full of voices. The only way you can get online users to identify you from amongst the cacophony and listen to what you have to say is by giving your startup a unique name - a name that stands out. It should not be too extraordinary to escape common parlance, but also not too mainstream to be unable to create an effect. Pick a name that goes perfectly with the overall theme of your products.

Build Core Goals

Being purposeless in this world will lead you nowhere. A brand without a proper strategy is like a house without a foundation. Therefore, after giving it a name, define the goals of your startup as soon as possible. What will it be about? What should it achieve? How will it reach the target audience? How much revenue is it expected to generate? Set out your plans, ideas, purposes, and goals in bullets, if you have to. Once they’re in front of you, it’ll be easier for you to create your strategies.

Craft a Logo

It’s all about visual presentation these days. If your startup has an attractive logo, it will set it apart from the usual stuff that comes about. So hire a good graphic designer to create an eye-catching logo, which will appear wherever your brand’s name comes up in the search engine.

Buy a Domain

The time for traditional techniques is over. The internet has ushered in a new era of e-commerce. You cannot simply open a shop on the street corner and hope to bring in profits overnight. You have to expand your approach by creating a website for your brand online, using a fast and reliable internet connection. Buying your own domain will give you a good foundation, and help you to withstand the quirky economical whirlwinds.

Publish Content

Once the name is decided, the goals have been set, and a virtual platform has been acquired, it’s time to give your startup a body-bulk in the form of content. Optimized content will rank higher in search engines, thus giving it much more visible exposure in the eyes of the consumers. Content is king, after all. But it cannot be just some random jottings. Your content has to be clear, concise, informative, valuable, and relevant. Otherwise, the audience will lose interest and head over to another site. On top of that, you should publish content on your site as frequently as possible, in order to keep the users coming back.

Use Social Media

One of the most effective ways to market your brand online is through social media channels. Millions of people are hooked to these sites and visit them on a regular basis. This is where you have to cast your line and catch the public’s attention. Create your brand’s page on different social media sites, especially the ones that’ll suit you best, and start building your visibility and presence through creative posting, comment, and tweet.

Respond and Re-Mold

Once you get a committed user base, it’s really important to retain it. Respond to customer queries politely and intelligently. Do not become impatient. Register their positive and negative reactions, and then mold your strategies accordingly. Customer satisfaction should be your goal here, as it will drive more traffic to your site and bring in higher profits.

With the help of the aforementioned tips, you can create and promote your startup quite effectively.