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7 Web Design Trends that Help giving Credibility to Your Website

By Sijdah Hussain posted Mon June 24, 2019 03:49 AM


A business is incomplete if it does not have a website of its own. It is like a product without an advertisement. A website not only does the marketing of your services, it also gives out a good impression on the audience. It is a representative of your services. How? By the look and design of it, the visitor can have the idea of your product. A website has the power to attract audience as well. If it is well designed, explicitly displays your services or products, manages to connect the visitor to you, we believe the website has done its job well. On top of that, with every click, you make money. The more visitors you get on your website, the better it is for your business.

To improve the credibility of your website, we will talk about a few underrated tips that, in fact, are responsible for giving your website a better look and more visitors.

1.      Build Stronger Connectivity

Designing your website may not be your job but what certainly should be your concern is the content of your website. It is not just about pretty designing or colorful outlook, website has some important functions to fulfill, one of which is adding the “Contact Us” section as a separate page on your website.

2.      Reflective of your Services

First of all, the main purpose of this website is to be able to reflect the idea of your service. It is the idea that will attract attention of your visitors. If you are offering exactly what others offer, by which we mean if you have nothing new to offer to your audience, the chances are, you may not get the traffic on your website as you would be expecting. People go after unique ideas. They like to be told of the things they need and the things they don’t need. In short, people like depending on an outside source for their own ease and comfort. One can blame the laziness or the lack of will. The truth is, the lives have become incredibly advanced and the number of things to be done in order to complete a day is huge. No one has the time to sit and think of their needs. This is the point where your service takes the opportunity to reveal itself to the audience that is completely aware of the things you want and the things you do not want. Website is the means through which you can convince your audience. It must have the content that reflects the spirit of your service. When you hire a web-designer, make sure you explain to him the idea of your business so that he is capable of presenting your service on your website.

3.      Content Relevance

If your website uses images or words excessively, you may not receive a supportive response from the traffic that visits your site. The reason is that the content has caused more confusion than convenience to the visitor. Sometimes, just a few words would do the service. You just need to make sure the visuals are attractive and they don’t make the display noisy. One can use loud colors but it should have a pattern – a design. Anything that follows a pattern or a design is attractive to the eye.

Going back, the content that you post on your page should not only be visually pleasing but also be relevant to your services. You cannot digress to a point that you completely lose the primary function of your website or your product/service. You need to have a target audience in your mind for which you write/make all the content. If your approach is to keep everyone as your target audience, you will end up with no visitors at all.

4.      Minimalism and Simplicity

The reason of suggesting minimalistic approach or simplicity is not to force you to follow our advice specific to our aesthetic sense, in case you believe that artistic sense is relative. The reason is only to convince you that majority of the population finds it comparatively easier to understand something that is simple to read, easy to understand and light on the eye. This is why minimalism would never go out of style.

5.      Spell-check

Nothing turns down the reader more than a poorly written content, grammatically. If your content has spelling errors, try to get them removed as quickly as you can for you never know what type of audience you might have, viewing your content. Apart from that, spelling errors do give a bad impression for it shows your lack of concern and attention to your own content. Moreover, the audience is sitting there to judge you by what you show them. Spellings errors take away the credibility of your website. They show carelessness and lack of focus.

6.      Add “About Us”

Like there is a page that helps the visitor connect with the retailer/merchandiser, there should be a separate page that explains your product in good length and great detail. You have to make sure that your visitor does not go unanswered or confused from your website. There should be a pull to keep your visitors glued to the pages of your website.

7.      Do Not Mislead

Honesty is another element that you need to add in the content of your website. If you mislead your audience by giving vague numbers or ideas, it greatly affects the credibility of your website. You might have seen some websites that keep the prices of their products a bit unclear. When the customer reaches them out, he comes to learn about the hidden prices that he didn’t sign up for when he initially took interest in the offer. Make sure you do not make the same mistake. This strategy fluctuates the credibility of your website and may also result in losing customers at the end. Keep your information transparent and easy to read through.

If you are a user of the internet, you must have experienced multiple websites that have committed the aforementioned mistakes, and some that take good care of not committing these mistakes. Your experience explains which ones you like better. Keep those as the ideal formats and go ahead with the idea of launching your own website of your business. You need a good internet; for that matter, that is not only affordable but also excellent quality-wise.