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Congos Analytics introduces highly scalable datasets and uploaded files to be stored in DB2

By Shaveta Srivastava posted Tue February 06, 2024 12:02 PM


I am very excited to announce that the support for datasets has been extended to include storing data directly to a DB2 database resulting in a better performance of the dashboard. There is a need to manage data differently so the rendering is faster on the dashboard.  Over last few releases, we introduced creation of datasets to enable this feature. Today, the data is stored in parquet files with a restriction of 2GB.  If you have a large amount of data and more concurrent workload, then storing data in parquet is not a scalable solution.  In the current release, the users will have an option to store the uploaded files and datasets in a database so all queries performed against that data will be executed by the database. This highly scalable feature really opened up opportunities for performance optimization when rendering dashboards for LOB users. This continues to enable the self service user with faster and easier creation of report/dashboards. Users are able to load data via uploaded files by a single click. The datasets can be created on top of a data module and FM package both in minutes. The users are able to drag and drop data on the dashboard and create an entire dashboard in a very short time. The key is to load data that provides greatest business value with little amount of data - not the transactional data.  The data can be pre aggregated and pre calculated before loading, to provide faster response time. All local database functions can also be used for improved processing. But largely, the gain is from offloading the processing of data from the application tier or the warehouse to this newly added database server.  

This is currently available to on premise customers. The Cognos users continues to have the same user experience, the data set can be secured, easily maintained and scheduled to refresh. The users will be able to upload, append or replace their data as they would today. To enable use of this feature, a data source connection is required to be setup by a Cognos Administrator.  The Db2 instance for the Data sets store connections must be configured for analytic workloads. The bundled DB2 license can be used for this connection. The customer will reach out to Product Management to get an addendum for the 12.0.2 release of the product. The customer can also purchase a stand alone DB2 Standard or Advanced Edition in order to leverage the columnar tables if they exceed the limit as outlined in the licenses. Please speak to your sales rep for purchase options. For more information, please refer to these documentation and FAQ links.