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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson August 2021 Newsletter

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Fri August 20, 2021 12:23 PM


The modeling workbench is now fully integrated with Planning Analytics 2.0.66. Its Beta was introduced in versions 2.0.64 and 2.0.65, now it’s available as a standard product feature. There’s a slight change as to how you can access the Data and Models tile.
Important! With the new release of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.67 coming, you may encounter the error message(s) when testing your data source connection(s): "Connection failed due to invalid credentials" or "An error has occurred while testing DSN." NOTE: this only affects the actual Test Connection functionality, connections will continue to work querying the database. The issue will only present itself for a few hours.

View our updated documentation on how to use the modeling workbench to create and manage your model. The workbench can be used to: create, edit and delete dimensions, hierarchies, sets, processes, chores and rules. View the documentation and further details on other usage the workbench can help you.

Reminder! On June 22nd, IBM launched Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel (PAfE) 2.0.65. We’re excited to introduce a new delivery method for the PAfE add-in. Starting with this release, PAfE is now being delivered via a single runnable .xll file.
As mentioned above, Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel now installs with a single .xll add-in for versions 2.0.65 and later. Ensure you view our documentation on how to install or even upgrade the PAfE add-in.

IBM launched a new feature in the IBM Support Community that enables clients to initiate escalation of support cases. You now have the ability to escalate your own support cases.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.0 and IBM Planning Analytics Modernization 4.0 are now available for you to download from our Passport Advantage. Key enhancements to Planning Analytics include:
  • New user experience for Planning Analytics Workspace
  • Improved integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including user and group management
  • Software updates have been done to all our components
Cloud Corner

IBM Planning Analytics is now available for cloud deployments. Updates have been made to the TM1 server. Schedule a time for the upgrade to be done in your cloud deployment by logging a support case.
Cloud Corner

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel Release 67 for cloud is now available.  You can now sort nested rows of a Cognos Analytics exploration in Planning Analytics for Excel.  See the details here.

Our documentation now includes support related information such as service level agreement (SLA) terms and maintenance. Stay current with our SLAs and maintenance schedule and understand the impacts.


Webinar: Ask Me Anything session is designed to get answers to all your questions from Planning Analytics product to product roadmap, hosted by members of our Product Management team. Sep 16

Conference: Join Cubewise at their yearly Horizon IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 conference. There are two dates for this one big event which has been ongoing since 2009. There will be 24-hours of presentations in multiple languages, over 100 sessions including various presentations and hands-on labs. Oct 19 & Oct 26

Conference: The Business Analytics Conference (BACon) is PMSquare's annual signature event. This year's event focuses on helping organizations to maximize data and analytics value and minimize time-to-insight through the use of cloud technologies. Aug 25-26

Tech Corner

One great new feature which arrived with Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.66 is the ability to apply proportional or relative proportional data spreading to a forecast. You can now use data spreading methods to write values to consolidated cells when you create a forecast.
Now when you are exporting a cube view, the attribute names are exported as headers when you export to Excel.
Did you know that Planning Analytics Workspace UI API has its own documentation? You can use the API to return assets such as cube views, dimension editor, TM1 views and more.

Revelwood continues to deliver tips and tricks. This new blog focuses on a depreciation process which is one of the planning components. They explain the details of what is the depreciation process along with the various methods to calculate depreciation.

PMSquare walks you through using the new Planning Analytics Modeling Workbench. They will show you how to: open a new Workbench, give you a tour around the new Workbench and will show you how to use the new Workbench model.
Tech Corner

Grandview’s new Clearview Documenter provides you with real time documentation of what is contained in your model. Clearview Documenter will make you more aware of your model and will help to optimize performance, ensure requirements are met and provide backup for financial compliance.
On-premises Corner

IBM’s software support lifecycle policy specifies how long support will be available for IBM software products. You can use this site to track how long your version will be supported. This allows you to effectively plan your software investment and avoid any gaps. For example, please review the end of support for Planning Analytics version 2.0.0 -> 2.0.7, and the end of support for Planning Analytics version 2.0.8.

Planning Analytics Workspace security is set to default. This means that every authenticated user who logs in for the first time will be granted the "Analyst" role. A good practice is to disable the automatic logon, and this is done by setting the $env:ENABLE_USER_IMPORT="false" in the paw.env file. Ensure to restart the paw engine to reflect the change.

Uncover the truth hidden in your data with the Cognos Analytics free trial. And if you want to get some hands-on experience with Planning Analytics, access the Planning Analytics free trial. These trials are 30-days and free with no download required. 

Do you have Controller integration with Planning Analytics?  We now have IBM Cognos Controller 10.4.2 IF11 which addresses product corrections. Download this interim fix here.

Recommended Resources

See how the analytics hero, Jose Balitactac has helped Ancestry unlock real-time financial insights with faster planning, reporting and forecasting.

Octane Software Solutions has multiple Planning Analytics online training sessions available. These online classroom sessions are designed to provide you with the skillset to get you on your way to use the IBM Planning Analytics tools to their full capabilities.

The IBM Planning Analytics for Watson Community has been updated. Take a look at the new 'Learning Resources' section where you will find: get started documentation, tips and tricks section, as well as a section of information about product updates.


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