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IBM Cognos Analytics Newsletter July 2021

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Tue August 03, 2021 02:17 PM



A new feature in the IBM Support platform offers a simplified online process for initiating escalation of cases. You now have the ability to escalate your own support cases. View the details here.
Going mobile with Cognos Analytics just got more affordable than ever! Just $5/month. Check out this new user license here.

BARC names IBM a market leader in Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms.  Read about BARC's findings here.

Trust Radius gave Cognos Analytics  its 2021 Top Rated Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software rating.  You can read about this here.

With the release of IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office 11.0.1 Fix Pack 1 IF4, IBM has reinstated compatibility with Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel for all releases moving forward. Details here.

The IBM Accelerator Catalog now has a "Getting Started with 11.2 Dashboards Workshop".  In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the key capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboards: Uploading data, AI Assistant, visualizations, mapping, forecasting, and pattern analysis.  Download the Workshop here.

Cloud Corner

With Cognos Analytics 11.1 and newer on Cloud, customers have a lot more control over uploading certificate, images, cubes, and more. This document describes the setup and some considerations for each type of upload.

Our documentation includes information on setting up Cloud Object Storage for report output. As an administrator you can create a connection to a Cloud Storage provider and allow users to save report outputs to this location. Find out how here.
Cloud Corner

Cognos Analytics on Demand is a great low cost analytic platform with three tiers : Standard, Plus, and Premium. But did you know that you can migrate your content from an on-premise environment? Find out more in our Cognos Analytics on Cloud documentation.


Ask Me Anything: Cognos Analytics 
August edition is almost here. Meet Product Managers and join a lively conversation about all things Cognos Analytics. Aug 10
PMSquare is hosting Business Analytics Conference 2021. BACon will include IBM Cognos and Planning Analytics workshops and hands-on sessions. Aug 26 - 27
Early in August, there is a virtual Midwest IBM Analytics User Group Meeting. Aug 4
Motio is holding another Cognos Analytics Performance Optimization Workshop with speakers from IBM talking about tuning and report design considerations. Aug 19
LPA has a hands-on workshop looking at what’s new in Cognos Analytics 11.2. Aug 6.  Later in the month they will look at taking Cognos to the next level using new features. Aug 18
Tech Corner

Review all the vendor support client driver versions that were tested for each Cognos Analytics 11.2.x release.  See the list here.  The list of drivers for 11.1.x  can be found here.

PMSquare has put together their top seven tips for June 2021. View them here.

Microsoft uses the term Microsoft Identity Platform as the next evolution to the Azure Active Directory platform. Make sure you are using the correct provider to avoid common errors like "AADSTS901002: The 'resource' request parameter is not supported". View the article here here.

Case Study
IBM Business Partner Megatrend launched a new business intelligence (BI) solution, built with IBM® Cognos® technology, that offers access to corporate reporting and analytics systems while on the go.  Check out this mobile BI solution for accessing key reporting and analytics data.

On-Premises Corner
Did you know Cognos Analytics includes SSL certificates that you can enable to encrypt communication between components? Easy to use for testing purposes or proof of concept. IBM Support has documented steps here.
Enterprises will often want to secure entry points where users access Cognos Analytics with SSL certificates. IBM Support has a document to walk through setting up SSL on either your Gateway server or Dispatcher.
If the command line not your favorite way to work with your own SSL certificates, this document shows you how to use the iKeyman java application instead.
Recommended Videos

The My First Dashboard accelerator for 11.2 is available to show you how to create your first dashboard. It links to an associated video that demonstrates how to build this dashboard from start to finish. Find it here.

IBM Product Managers walk through the new Cognos Analytics 11.2 version and it's new features. Cognos Analytics 11.2 is built to make finding insights faster and smarter, to help you be more confident in your insights, and let you see further with your analytics.
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