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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson July 2021 Newsletter

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Tue July 13, 2021 01:56 PM


With the launch of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel (PAfE) 2.0.65, we’re excited to introduce a new delivery method for the PAfE add-in. Starting with this release, PAfE will be delivered via a single runnable .xll file.
As mentioned above, Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel now installs with a single .xll add-in for versions 2.0.65 and later. Ensure you view our documentation on how to install or even upgrade the PAfE add-in.

IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services Release 66 is now available from Fix Central.

As a reminder, the new modeling workbench is still available in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.65. We encourage you to provide us feedback during the beta period.
IBM launched a new feature in the IBM Support Community that enables clients to initiate escalation of support cases. You now have the ability to escalate your own support cases.

2021 Peer Review Accolades – Recognized as a Leader across Gartner Peer Insights, G2 and Trust Radius. A big thank you from the Planning Analytics with Watson and Cognos teams to you, our users. We previously reported that IBM Planning Analytics with Watson was recognized as a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice in the category of Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis solutions.  But it has also been selected as one of the premier budgeting, forecasting and analysis tools in G2 and Trust Radius.


Webinar: Attend the IBM Beyond Boundaries. Four inspiring leaders including the first woman to kayak the Amazon River, as they navigate the waters of Data and AI where they will explore the use and influence of AI technology through real-world examples. Jul 20
User Group: Joining the Midwest IBM Analytics User Group will give you time to get insights from the virtual User Group hosted by IBM and PMsquare. This event will explore the top developments to the IBM Analytics portfolio. Jul 21
Cloud Corner

Our documentation now includes support related information such as service level agreement (SLA) terms and maintenance. Stay current with our SLAs and maintenance schedule and understand the impacts.

Tech Corner

Did you know making use of the RunProcess command can help to shorten the data-processing time? QueBIT explains how it works and provides sample code.
Errol Brandt of Opal ANZ provides tips on how to manage your server logs. As an administrator, you want to keep your TM1 database(s) healthy and good monitoring will help. Errol shares his experience and good practices.
LPA discusses HR Analytics and the key to effective human capital management. Organizations have all been affected during this pandemic and everyone has been wanting to respond to the fast-changing environments. In this blog, LPA talks about the benefits of HR Analytics and how to overcome its challenges.
FYI – Now when you save a view using the “Save to server” option, the new view name is displayed in the view details box. Important to note that this new functionality is available in the new Planning Analytics Workspace new experience and in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.
For clients who use large numbers, we now have added a feature where you can use short abbreviated format to display instead. It’s shortened by using a local-specific abbreviation.

On Premises Corner

You may have a reason for wanting to replicate your Planning Analytics model (content from data directory) over to a backup server. This can be achieved in 2 ways: 
1)Schedule a SaveDataAll from source server. Zip up the data folder content (without tm1s.cfg). Copy to the backup server. Ensure service is stopped on backup server, extract the content to the data folder and start service.
2)Use the replication functionality in the product. The logic of replication and synchronization is that the data is replicated instantly, without the need of executing save data all. View our Replication documentation and its advantages.

Did you know we have listed procedures with Planning Analytics Workspace local on how to upload a list of users and activate them? You can also deactivate or even delete them.

On-premises Corner

Keep current with the various configuration parameters which are available for Planning Analytics Workspace local. The configuration file is called paw.ps1. View which parameters you can configure and review the important notices as you should not modify values in the defaults.ps1 file.

Uncover the truth hidden in your data with the Cognos Analytics free trial. And if you want to get some hands-on experience with Planning Analytics, access the Planning Analytics free trial. These trials are 30-days and free with no download required. 

Recommended Videos

IBM’s Nigel Sutton walks through a summary of some new features including enhanced user experience for all roles, applications and plans, AI-infused forecasting, cognitive help and more.

Brian Moore of PMsquare demos the new Box Plot visualization which was introduced in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.63.

IBM’s Nigel Sutton demonstrates how to create content in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel as well as combining it with the power of Planning Analytics Workspace.
Recommended Resources

IBM and ProMare have leveraged AI and other new technologies and have been developing a new efficient, crewless, and environmentally friendly ship. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will start a new era of marine exploration. Follow the MAS as it continues its voyages.
See how Retelit implemented Planning Analytics to help improve their financial planning and reporting processes which lacked flexibility. They faced challenges with new lines of business and various international operations. Using Planning Analytics allowed them to have a centralized model. View their challenge and transformation story.
Vaasan, a bakery company across Finland and the Baltics, used Planning Analytics for their planning process. They have a unique situation where their planning cycles are short and needed a good solution in place. See how they implemented AI to upgrade their planning.


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