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IBM Cognos Analytics Newsletter June 2021

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Fri July 02, 2021 03:25 PM



Check out this blog post with details about the new Carbon Design and Cognos AI Assistant in Cognos Analytics 11.2. 

To review the complete set of new features in Cognos Analytics 11.2 please see the details here.

There are a number of getting started videos for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2, you can  review them here: 

        New Experience
Authoring Reports
Data Modules
Data Exploration

Check out the latest additions to the IBM Cognos Analytics Accelerator CatalogFor example, support for dashboard zoom.

Join IBM's Cognos Analytics Product Manager Kasun Attanapola as he reviews the new features in  Cognos Analytics 11.2

We are excited to announce that IBM Cognos Analytics has been named as an exemplary vendor in Ventana’s 2021 Analytics and Data Value Index. This extensive RFI/RFP type approach evaluates BI vendors in seven key categories that are weighted to reflect buyer’s needs and IBM Cognos Analytics has been ranked first in the Overall Value Index in Product Experience, Customer Experience, Product Capability, Manageability, and TCO/ROI.

Cloud Corner

Review the steps on how to setup SFTP to your Cognos Analytics on cloud hosted environment. 

Cloud Corner

Having issues with your VPN connection ? Review these troubleshooting tips for VPN connection issues with our IBM Cognos Analytics on cloud hosted environment

Webinar: Join our Offering Management team live in our monthly “Ask me Anything” session, designed to answer your Cognos Analytics questions from product roadmap to upgrades.
July 13

Gain additional experience points to level up your Cognos environment by joining LPA in this interactive workshop: Taking Cognos to the Next Level Using New Features. July 21

Join the experts from Motio and IBM for the hands-on Cognos Performance Optimization Workshop. July 22 (Australia) 

If you were not able to join the Australian Cognos Performance Optimization Workshop on July 22, or have follow up questions, there is another one in North America. August 19
Tech Corner

Have you ever pondered how you can authenticate to Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data using an API? Review the published steps here.

Did you know that the Lists you use in your reports have a sibling called "Data Tables"? Data tables are a must for any report author. Read more about them here.

Apple has plans to de-activate the binary protocol push notification service used by the IBM Cognos Analytics Reports app for iPadOS and iOS. This will mean that push notifications in the app will no longer work. To continue to use push notifications we have released a fix for 11.0.13 and 11.1.7
Tech Corner

Is your Cognos Analytics Extension no longer working? See this technote for supportability of custom extensions, outlining what is supported and how to get help.

On-Premises Corner
For the administrators who love Cognos Analytics 11.0.13, the installation process got an upgrade with the release of 11.0.13 FP4. It now uses the same installer as IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1

Do you need help understanding why a report or dashboard is not performing as expected? You can leverage in the box performance assistant and ZIPI to help you. ZIPI is a utility that writes detailed performance information to a data source. This is available for 11.0.13, 11.1.x and 11.2.

Do you want to test drive Cognos Analytics 11.2? You can, using the Cognos Analytics free trial. Also, if you want to get some hands-on experience with Planning Analytics, access the Planning Analytics free trial. These trials are 30-days and free with no download required.

Recommended Videos

Learn how to avoid a data module issue with useful identifiers. 

Make your reports adapt to different mobile devices by leveraging Float to dynamically scale a report.

From PMsquare: Create the most impressive schematics with Mapbox for use in Cognos Analytics. 

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