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IBM Cognos Analytics Newsletter May 2021

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Wed May 26, 2021 10:58 AM



Now generally available, Cognos Analytics 11.2.0! New user experience and AI taken to the next level. We are excited to announce that the new Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 is now available for download! For this release, as you might've heard, we have been focused on the new modern design following the IBM Carbon Design System and let me tell you: the brand new Cognos looks beautiful! Learn what's new in the official documentation

Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 is also now available on cloud.

Refresh 5 for the Cognos Analytics Cartridge on IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.5 became available on April 27, 2021. Learn what's new.

New base samples for 11.2.0 along with the descriptions of content can be found in this community blog posting.

We are excited to announce that IBM Cognos Analytics has been named as an exemplary vendor in Ventana's 2021 Analytics and Data Value Index. This extensive RFI/RFP type approach evaluates BI vendors in seven key categories that are weighted to reflect buyer's needs and IBM Cognos Analytics has been ranked first in the Overall Value Index in Product Experience, Customer Experience, Product Capability, Manageability, and TCO/ROI.

For an overview of new features in 11.2.0, see this video from Senturus with guest speaker, Rachel Su from IBM Product Management.

Unveiling the Cognos Analytics Roadmap, hosted by PMSquare with guest speaker from IBM Product Management.
Cloud Corner

Would you like to add Cognos Analytics on Cloud Hosted users to Planning Analytics? This documentation shows you how.

You can configure Cognos Analytics to connect to a cloud storage service that is offered by a third party company. Cognos Analytics users can then save their reports to the cloud.
Cloud Corner

IBM continues to expand our compliance posture for our SaaS offerings with the availability of Type 2 reports for both SOC1 and SOC2 for IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud.

Replay: Watch the replay and learn the answers to 305 questions asked during the 11.2.0 release event from May 4.

Webinar: See how Cognos and Planning Analytics are better together in this EMEA webinar. May 27

Ask me Anything: If you're wondering 'Can Cognos Analytics do that?', we have a webinar series for you! Join Ask me Anything with the Head of Cognos Analytics Product Management, Chris McPherson. Jun 1

Workshop: Join LPA in this interactive workshop: Taking Cognos to the Next Level Using New Features. Jun 16

Workshop: Get ready to upgrade to the new Cognos Analytics 11.2! Join Motio's hands-on upgrade workshop and see how some of our clients save 75-90% of time and effort compared to previous upgrades. Jun 24
Tech Corner

Many new extensions, samples, and themes that you can download and use in your new Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 environment have been added this month to the accelerator catalog. Tip: Sort new to old to find the latest. For example, this extension gives users additional styling properties for text elements in a KPI widget in 11.2.0.

Before upgrading to 11.2.x, be sure to review the software compatibility report for all of your dependent and integrated technologies. This will help you plan and prepare for your upgrade activities.

Learn best practices from PMSquare on how to secure objects in Cognos. This could be a folder, a dashboard, a report, a data module, or any of the other items that can be created through Cognos.

Are you getting a notification message on a visualization display that your data has been limited or clipped? This technote explains the reason why and how to resolve this if needed.
Tech Corner

As part of our continued effort to innovate on Cognos Analytics with the latest technology available in every new release, version 11.1.7 is the last release of Cognos Analytics that supports Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft's legacy Edge browser, Ubuntu 14, Red Hat Linux (REHL) 6 and SUSE 11. Read details here.

On-Premises Corner
This page describes how to download IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 from the Passport Advantage website.

Are you getting a script error when trying to open a new FM project? See if this technote solution helps to resolve.

The Java Diagnostic Tools download URL which helps diagnose Cognos issues has changed from the old developer works webpage to the IBM Developer site.

This technote describes how to enable Garbage Collection (GC) Logging on the Cognos Analytics server.

Uncover the truth hidden in your data with the Cognos Analytics free trial. Also, if you want to get some hands-on experience with Planning Analytics, access the Planning Analytics free trial. These trials are 30-days and free with no download required.

Recommended Resources

Case Study: During the 58 years it has served the Nordic region, Elkjøp Nordic AS rose to the top of the retail electronics marketplace by responding quickly to the ever-changing needs of its customers. Read how migrating to Cognos Analytics on Cloud helped Elkøp modernize, adapt, and grow.

Welcome to the new Cognos Experience with IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2. View the IBM video here.

Learn how L'Oreal achieved a harmonized, centralized dynamic view of global data using Planning and Cognos Analytics in this video.
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