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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson May 2021 Newsletter

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Wed May 12, 2021 05:23 PM


Planning Analytics Workspace release 63 was recently released. This new experience is only the start of our significant investment in the design and usability. View the various improvements including the save and move dialogs which allows for searching content in both shared or personal folders.

Planning Analytics was made available for cloud deployments on April 15th. You can review what's new.

Remember, to have your Planning Analytics cloud environments be upgraded, you need to schedule a time through our support organization. Good practice is to upgrade your non-production first -> test for a few weeks -> then schedule an upgrade for your production.

Starting April 1st 2021, “with Watson” was added to the Planning Analytics name. Planning Analytics with Watson is now the official product name represented on our website, in the product login and documentation, as well as within marketing collateral moving forward. However, TM1 copy will be maintained in descriptions of Planning Analytics capabilities, differentiators and benefits. Please reach out to Christie Schneider ( with any questions.

Exciting news! IBM Planning Analytics has been named as a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice in the Cloud Financial Planning & Analysis Market. 

Planning Analytics 2.0 through 2.0.8 inclusive have announced end of support effective Sept 30, 2021.

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel 2.0.64 was released, see what's new.


Webinar: Join our Offering Management team live in our monthly “Ask me Anything” session, designed to answer your Planning Analytics questions from product roadmap to upgrades. May 13

Webinar: Simplify the Migration Workflow to Planning Analytics on Cloud was on April 22nd. Robert Vautour, Technical Client Advocate with IBM discussed  how easy it is to migrate when you know what to expect. You can watch the replay. You can download the slides.

Webinar: Join a panel of experts from QueBIT as they host an interactive Q&A session on Planning Analytics, where they will share FAQs, various insights, best practices or simply share their knowledge from years of experience. May 13

Webinar: Join Octane Software Solutions as they go through some of the new features in IBM Planning Analytics with Watson. You will learn about new features that will help you start building dashboards and they will provide business cases for being on the later versions. May 18 - AP timezone

Cloud Corner
We have added a new data source connections section in our documentation. This section identifies what pre-configured connections are available. It also lists what connections are possible with cloud-to-cloud, what's possible with Secure Gateway and what's possible with customer provided drivers. Also, stay current with unsupported data source connections.

You now can remove multiple users at once in Planning Analytics Workspace on Cloud. You remove the users from the primary tenant and the system removes them from all secondary tenants. The users will also be removed from the IBM Subscription Management system.

Do you have a need to send email notifications from Planning Analytics on Cloud? This blog shows how you can send HTML emails by creating a Turbo Integrator process.
Tech Corner

Check out this new accelerator in IBM demos that can help you with IFRS 16 compliance. The objective of IFRS 16 is to report information that (a) faithfully represents lease transactions and (b) provides a basis for users of financial statements to assess the amount, timing and uncertainty of cash flows arising from leases.

Creating plans that provide an enterprise-wide impact is the new normal. It's no longer just about financial planning and analysis (FP&A); now, it also includes the expansion into extended planning and analysis (xP&A). And at IBM, we've actually been doing it for years. Let's dive deeper.
Tech Corner

Did you know that you now can rename a TM1 database directly within Planning Analytics Workspace? This functionality is available with the new Planning Analytics Workspace user experience interface.

Stay current with TM1 database parameters which have been deprecated as of Planning Analytics release

A great new improvement since Planning Analytics is the ability to now see user modifications within CAM groups being captured in the TM1 audit log file. It captures the creation and deletion of users in CAM as well as users into CAM groups.

On-premises Corner

Planning Analytics Workspace release 63 is now available to download for local deployments.

Planning Analytics is now available to download for local deployments.

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel 2.0.64 is now available to download for local deployments.

Uncover the truth hidden in your data with the Cognos Analytics free trial. And if you want to get some hands-on experience with Planning Analytics, access the Planning Analytics free trial. These trials are 30-days and free with no download required. 
Recommended Resources

The Welcome Kit file contains a set of account and system information which is unique for your IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud system. It contains user account credentials, system addresses and URLs used to connect. This video guides you through the Welcome Kit.

A better way to plan for an uncertain future. See how QueBIT implemented a solution to help a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded food products respond to the changing environment posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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