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IBM Cognos Analytics Newsletter April 2021

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Wed May 12, 2021 05:26 PM



Cognos Analytics 11.2 delivers a dynamic new user experience. IBM's Product Manager Tim Aston shares exciting updates to:
  • The new Home Page
  • The new Hamburger Menu
  • Full-Page Content Browsing
  • Other changes in dashboards, data modules, explore and reporting.

Performance improvements have been a fundamental area of investments and version 11.2 has some notable improvements. View the performance improvements in Cognos Analytics 11.2.

Business Partner PMSquare has an exciting new video on all the great features and interfaces coming in Cognos Analytics 11.2. Meet Cognos 11.2.

Our view on Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for Cognos Analytics.

We would also like to share a recent blog by Ryan Dolley of PMSquare, a long time Cognos partner who offers his view of this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant.

IBM Cognos Dashboard embedded for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.5.4 is now available. See what's new.

Stay current with our IBM Cognos Analytics for Mobile with our Frequently Asked Questions which resides in our live documentation. 
Cloud Corner

IBM continues to expand our compliance posture for our SaaS offerings with the availability of Type 2 reports for both SOC1 and SOC2 for IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud.

IBM support has a technote on product support details for Cognos Analytics on Cloud. Find out about suggesting enhancements, the analytics community, and the IBM support community.  A handy link to view and share.

Have you ever wondered how to get started with IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud Subscription? This FAQ will help to provide clarity and with additional helpful links to documentation and processes.

Think 2021: Join us at Think 2021 to learn how to navigate change through transformation, automation and modernization. Learn about the future of hybrid cloud and AI and meet others who are using technology to make a difference.
May 11 - 12

Webinar: Join our Offering Management team live in our monthly “Ask me Anything” session, designed to answer your Cognos Analytics questions from product roadmap to upgrades. May 4

Webinar: Cognos Analytics in the Capital. Stephanie Kajenski, VP Marketing from Attain Insight Solutions joins Matt Denham, IBM's Product Manager as they demonstrate how Cognos Analytics has evolved with the market into a powerful data visualization and analysis canvas. The agenda will cover "Reports vs New Generation Dashboards" and "Advance Customizations & Data Governance." May 6

Workshop: Join Motio and IBM Guest Speakers Denny Narezny and Torben Noer, in this hands-on-lab on Optimizing Cognos for Performance. May 20
Tech Corner

A new "add link button" extension for dashboards has been posted to the Accelerator Catalog. This extension has some exciting new features: not only can you open web links, but also open other Cognos reports and dashboards. It can even be used to switch tabs within your dashboard.

A new technote from IBM explains why numeric or float values might be limited to 15 digits. Read why precision may be reduced to double-precision in some circumstances.

At times, it's useful to provide a report developer with a custom URL launching a starter template for editing against a particular package. This article shows you how to structure that custom URL.

Connecting to SQL Server on Azure requires users to supply login information including the server name. This article helps match a Cognos Analytics data source connection error message with this requirement.

Extended samples are now available from the IBM Accelerator Catalog. The Extended samples demonstrate how to use IBM Cognos Analytics with a database and Framework Manager package.
On-Premises Corner
IBM Cognos Analytics for Mobile 11.1.7 FP2 is now available for download from Fix Central. You can review our installation as well as our prerequisites and considerations for installation documentation here. And download your Mobile clients:
If you require integration with Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel and Cognos Office Connection, you will need to use version 2.0.62 of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel. View details.

Do you want to create a data server connection to Azure SQL Server using Active Directory authentication? This technote explains what you need.

Find out how an existing on-premises Cognos SDK application can connect to REST APIs in IBM Cloud Pak for Data Cognos Analytics cartridge.

Recommended Resources

Case Study: When restaurants, grocery stores or food suppliers suddenly change their plans, food packaging leader Novolex must be ready to adapt. Read how Cognos and Planning Analytics helped to close the gap between sales plans and production.

Welcome to the new Cognos experience with IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2. We have made working with your data easier than ever.

EXPLORE Episode 8 looked at combining Cognos Analytics with the multi-dimensional capabilities of Planning Analytics, you can act upon insights to plan, budget, and forecast for optimal business results.

Watch this video about the new global parameters in Cognos Analytics. Including overview of the feature, creating a library of parameters, enabling global parameters, customizing parameter values for roles, My Parameters, authoring reports with global parameters, and tenants.

This video shows the new content from IBM on getting started in Cognos Analytics 11.2. Drive certainty in your decision-making with AI-powered analytics.
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