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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson April 2021 Newsletter

By Scott WHITEHEAD posted Fri April 16, 2021 10:47 AM



Starting April 1st 2021, “with Watson” will be added to the Planning Analytics name. Planning Analytics with Watson will be the official product name represented on our website, in the product login and documentation, as well as within marketing collateral moving forward. However, TM1 copy will be maintained in descriptions of Planning Analytics capabilities, differentiators and benefits. Please reach out to Christie Schneider ( with any questions.

Exciting news! IBM Planning Analytics has been named as a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice in the Cloud Financial Planning & Analysis Market. 

Planning Analytics release is now available for your cloud deployments. This represents updates to TM1 Server, TM1 Web, TM1 Applications and other components accessed through the remote desktop.

Remember, to have your Planning Analytics cloud environments be upgraded, you need to schedule a time through our support organization. Good practice is to upgrade your non-production first, test for a few weeks, then schedule an upgrade for your production. 

LPA discusses financial performance management: what c-suite executives need to know. They also provide details on how Planning Analytics is the future of business performance management.

Our IBM Knowledge Center has been revamped. Here’s the link to our new IBM Documentation so you can familiarize yourself.


Webinar: Join our Offering Management team live in our monthly “Ask me Anything” session, designed to answer your Planning Analytics questions from product roadmap to upgrades. May 13

Webinar: Join a panel of experts from QueBIT as they host an interactive Q&A session on Planning Analytics, where they will share FAQs, various insights, best practices or simply share their knowledge from years of experience. May 13

Webinar: Simplify the Migration Workflow to Planning Analytics on Cloud. Robert Vautour, Technical Client Advocate with IBM will discuss how easy it is to migrate when you know what to expect. Apr 22

Webinar: Join PMSquare as they explore ways to expand your BI applications to include forecasting, budgeting, and planning capabilities with IBM Planning Analytics. Apr 22

Cloud Corner
If you have recently migrated to Planning Analytics on Cloud, you may want to review the default configuration parameter values.

If you would like more information on running or configuring IBM components with Planning Analytics on Cloud, this article should help you.

Our new IBM Documentation has a section on Log File Retention Periods. Some log files are routinely deleted during the regularly scheduled maintenance window. This list identifies the files which are subject to removal and the retention period.
Tech Corner

Planning Analytics Applications and Plans is a new feature introduced last October. It represents a brand-new approach to managing the budgeting process. PMSquare’s blog walks you through the new features for managing workflow within Planning Analytics Applications and Plans.
Cubewise shows 4 ways to speed-up your processes with parallel loading in IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics.
You keep hearing the concept of not reinventing the wheel! QueBIT discusses when you should use the Planning Analytics REST API and when you shouldn’t.
Reminder about IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel conformance requirements. Ensure your versions of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, Planning Analytics Workspace, Planning Analytics, and TM1 are all in conformance with one another.
Did you know that when upgrading Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel version, you first need to uninstall the current version? This is also the same if you are doing silent installations. Review the uninstallation steps.
After installing Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, you notice that the Planning Analytics tab is missing from the ribbon. This article may help to resolve the issue.

Tech Corner

There are various log files which track changes by users and processes. You want to ensure your budgeting and planning solution provide a good audit trail. Lodestar Solutions describes what kind of audit trail is available with IBM Planning Analytics.

Case Study

See how food packaging leader Novolex implemented Planning and Cognos Analytics to address their gap between the sales plan and the production plan. They were initially struggling with the time it took to coordinate the company’s multiple locations and various systems.

On-premises Corner

This document has been updated with steps on how to configure TM1Web application server to allow SSL LDAP when using KERBEROS authentication.

If you are getting MTFeeders exception messages in your tm1server.log file, this article may help to indicate the cause and how to resolve.

Replicating cubes allows you to replicate cubes from one TM1 database to another and synchronize the updates across the copied cubes. You can review the advantages of replications as well as considerations for when to use.

Uncover the truth hidden in your data with the Cognos Analytics free trial. And if you want to get some hands-on experience with Planning Analytics, access the Planning Analytics free trial. These trials are 30-days and free with no download required. 
Recommended Videos

IBM’s Nigel Sutton discusses Agile Workforce Planning with IBM Planning Analytics. The presentation for this video was part of a Plan for Business Resilience event hosted by IBM on March 17th, 2021.

Intito demonstrates how IBM Planning Analytics together with Python algorithms, can become a modern and accurate forecasting solution for financial planning. View the time series forecast demo.


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