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IBM Accelerator Catalog– Now Powered by Cognos Reports!

By SAMI EL CHEIKH posted 30 days ago


Introduced in 2020, the Accelerator Catalog has become a key space for showcasing the value of what IBM Data and AI products can do for you with a combination of over 700 assets across 9 products and services and 23 categories including datasets, interactive dashboards, custom extensions, how-to documentation and more!

What is Happening?

On March 1, 2023 we are moving the Accelerator Catalog experience from a generic web portal to a full-fledged Cognos Analytics Report! Cognos Analytics reports are incredibly powerful and often used for more than visualizing data. You can build fully functioning business applications like the Accelerator Catalog with Cognos reports and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We believe there is no better way to show what our products can do than using our own products to do so! Soon we will be releasing tips and tricks on how we built this so you can replicate it with your own content.

How will you be impacted by this change?

The current Accelerator Catalog experience will be decommissioned on April 3, 2023.

All content available on the current experience will be ported over to the new Accelerator Catalog environment at Navigation of content will largely remain the same as the current experience.  

Individual accelerators will have updated URL paths. Any bookmarks or documentation that use the existing links to individual accelerators will need to be updated. To find these new paths, simply navigate to the Accelerator Catalog homepage and use the search or side-bar navigation to find the appropriate content.

For more information, please see the FAQ at the following link.

Please note that the Accelerator Catalog and its content are not covered by any IBM support contract. For support with the Accelerator Catalog please reach out to as indicated in the FAQ above.