Planning Analytics with Watson

Fast track your analytics journey with the IBM Accelerator Catalog!

By SAMI EL CHEIKH posted Fri May 15, 2020 08:47 AM


Analytics platforms like IBM Cloud Pak for Data and their composite products and services such as Cognos Analytics, Watson Studio, Planning Analytics and Watson Machine Learning are powerhouses of functionality ranging from data preparation and model building to plan management, data visualization and everything in between. Utilizing these features can be critical to the way you derive insights and from your data, inform your decisions and benchmark your performance.


Today we are excited to announce the IBM Accelerator Catalog! A learning and ideation space for maximizing your investment in IBM Analytics regardless of your level of skill. From custom visualizations to best practice guides, industry use cases and schematics to workforce planning models and even in-product interactive experiences, the Accelerator Catalog provides content that helps you see and experience how our products are used across your industry, department, and role so you can quickly and accurately get to the answers you need.


The Accelerator Catalog provides:

  • Easy search, filter and sort functionality to find relevant content
  • An expanding library of over 15 Accelerator types across Cognos and Planning Analytics including Custom Visualizations, Turbo Integrator Processes, Datasets, Guides, Tools and more!
  • Industry-specific and role-specific accelerators
  • Interactive Cognos Analytics Dashboards, Reports, Explorations and Stories that enable you to see and experience how analytics could be used in your organization
  • A platform for sharing your expertise while learning from others


We understand that our users fall somewhere within a range of experience and needs; the Accelerator Catalog is a platform meant to house content for everyone along that spectrum, whether you’re just starting your analytics journey with IBM or have been a product expert for years. That includes content from IBM, our partners and our users.


Fast-track your analytics journey with the Accelerator Catalog! If you have any feedback or content you want to share with others on the platform please reach out to us at