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Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.4 has arrived!

By Rodrigo de Andrade posted Fri December 16, 2022 05:01 PM


I'm thrilled to announce IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.4 has arrived! 

In this version, which is the LTSR, Cognos brings important and exciting news to reinforce our commitment to offer a complete self service experience available anywhere. And news comes from different components of the product.

Cognos user will be able to see many enhancements in dashboard that will guarantee greater control and flexibility, such as e.g., a better manipulation of the zoom level when a dashboard is utilizing an Absolute layout

Talking about Dashboard, the cognos AI news brings one of the most exciting of recent times: Natural language narrative insights. Now the dashboard creators can easily visualize insights that help them to explain the data, find outliers and key drivers that facilitate and accelerate data analysis. And what is also awesome is that the Dashboard authors can mark a narrative insight as favorite and choose the order in which their favorite insights will be displayed to dashboard consumers

And how about the ability to share Cognos content through collaborative tools? Cognos now supports embedding both Cognos Reports and Cognos Dashboards to Microsoft Teams tabs and also allows to share this content with multiple types of recipients in one go!

Cognos Analytics 11.2.4 also brings many Data Access and Data Modeling Updates that will excite our users. New connectors, JWT support for Dremio and new level of granularity to the ability to control user capabilities are some of these news.

Another standout updates are the new customizations options in our already highly flexible Cognos Analytics content navigation. 

For detailed information regarding each of the awesome news above, check out the blogs below by our Product Management team: