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Key Driver Analysis in Cognos Analytics with Watson

By Rodrigo de Andrade posted 17 days ago


One of the most fascinating uses of artificial intelligence in Cognos Analytics with Watson is the ability to allow users to identify what is impacting their business. The key drivers that are leading to a certain result.

And the most exciting thing is that Cognos Analytics offers this functionality in different ways. If you are a Business User, with absolutely no technical skills, you can use the completely out of the box Cognos AI models in a really user friendly way, and identify these key drivers with just a few clicks or by asking the AI assistant a question

Now, if you are a data scientist and prefer to use your own custom model, you can also do it, since Cognos allows integration with Jupyter Notebooks.

In this video I demonstrate in a few minutes all these forms. Watch and learn how to find what is impacting your business