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How to use AI in Cognos Analytics - Business Use Case

By Rodrigo de Andrade posted Mon October 03, 2022 05:47 AM


One of the main challenges of all analytics and Business Analytics softwares is to be user-friendly for users of different skills and roles.

And that’s one of the main benefits of AI in Business Analytics.
Cognos Analytics With Watson use IBM AI technology to empower users and enable companies to improve their business performance by increasing the user's ability to comprehend data, explore its outcomes and act based on data driven decisions.

With Cognos AI, you can use the AI Assistant to interact and receive answers to business questions in plain English, or use the same assistant to create visualizations or an entire dashboard, with just one natural language interaction.

In Cognos Analytics, you can also use AI technology to help you explain your dashboard or to find some information that you may not have identified by yourself. Its possible because Cognos uses AI to generate valuable AI Insights that explains data in natural language and find key drivers.

What about the forecast? Why not use Watson AI technology to predict the future and let you make decisions knowing what will happen in the future?

And all this, completely out of the box, without additional licenses, without additional setups.

Many people see AI as something difficult, which can only be leveraged by high technical people. What if I show you that it's the exact opposite of that?

In this video I will demonstrate how AI is infused in Cognos Analytics and most importantly: How to use it in really simple and business approach