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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson and MapBox

By Rodrigo de Andrade posted Fri March 11, 2022 02:33 PM


Cognos Analytics with Watson is a new generation business analytics tool powered by cognitive technologies that provides sophisticated data exploration capabilities, dashboarding and storytelling, professional report authoring, and automated data preparation.

Among the many impressive features that make Cognos so popular is its ability to create powerful visualizations using a wide variety of graphic options that allow you to clearly communicate your story or present your dashboard.

The partnership between IBM and MapBox brought more visualization possibilities, allowing the user to deliver modern mapping capabilities and unleashes the possibility of powerful new geospatial analytics in Cognos.


How to use Cognos with Mapbox?

Cognos Analytics with Watson offers out of the box mapping features, available as a visualization option, without requiring any additional configuration.

When you use a map in a dashboard or a report, you can show data and do geographic analysis by using locations such as states, regions, postal codes., latitude and longitude. Cognos supports over 235,000 administrative boundaries and over 220,000 zip and postal codes in over 245 countries.

How to Set up Mapbox with IBM Cognos Analytics when using custom polygons? 

IBM Cognos Analytics supports the use of custom polygons in partnership with Mapbox.

To use Cognos Analytics with Watson with Mapbox you need to create a free Mapbox account at Then follow the steps below:

  1. Once logged in, upload your geoJSON custom polygon file to Mapbox as a tileset.
  2. Make sure that each polygon has at least one uniquely identifying property as a string value.
  3. When creating your dashboard in Cognos Analytics, click the Visualizations icon in the left pane and then click the Map icon.
  4. In the left pane, click Sources, and then click Add a Source.
  5. Select a data source that contains region or point data.
  6. In the visualization, expand and select Regions, if you want to use region data from Mapbox or Points, if you want to use point data from Mapbox.
  7. In the left pane, expand your data items and drag either point or region data to the Location data slot.
  8. Specify the properties with the values ​​you got from Mapbox.

 For more information see Cognos documentation:

How does CA communicate with MapBox?

All communication with MapBox is done over HTTP Secure (HTTPS) on the standard port (443). 

What Data is exchanged with MapBox?

It's important to mention that, even considering all the security protocols adopted, no client data is exchanged between Cognos Analytics and Mapbox. All data value matching occurs within the client session using client-side code and no data values (including column names) are sent to MapBox.

For more information see Cognos documentation:

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