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IBM Cognos Analytics Newsletter - November 2020

By Robert VAUTOUR posted Mon November 30, 2020 10:32 AM

Keep current with the different offerings of IBM Cognos Analytics. This blog is constantly updated and provides a great matrix of features for our different offerings.

Did you know that Cognos Analytics Release 11.1.x has accessibility features which assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision?  Familiarize yourself with the major accessibility features.

Motio software is now available from Passport Advantage. It consists of MotioPI Professional and MotioCI This release is for updating licenses. Motio, an IBM Business Partner for nearly two decades, created its software to provide a set of integrated features that make it easier and faster to develop Cognos Analytics assets.

Keep current with the most popular Cognos Analytics ideas submitted. Next to the idea, there's a 'Vote' button which helps to increase the priority of your favorite idea.

In October 2020, IBM held its Data and AI Forum, a virtual event designed to give attendees the tools to accelerate their journeys to AI. During this event, L'Oréal's Laurent Mesnier shared his company's story of finance transformation and its AI journey. Watch the replay.

At the American University in Cairo (AUC), information was scattered in data silos, making it difficult to apply. AUC deployed DB2 Data Warehouse on Cloud software as a central data hub to host data from the siloed systems, and the Cognos Analytics offering to visually represent the information and uncover hidden patterns. Check out their story.

Community Livestream:  Explore Episode 4 - Leading with Confidence.  This episode will discuss what's been going on in the world of data, analytics and AI. Dec 3

Webinar: Ask Me Anything about Cognos Analytics hosted by our IBM Offering Managers. Get answers to your questions as well as sneak previews on product roadmap. Dec 1
Virtual Event: Emerge with Resiliency 2020 was held on Nov 18. This was a one-day virtual event to learn how AI-infused planning and analytics solutions can help enhance business continuity, reduce risk from emerging threats, and help you prepare for and manage disruption. Replay available until Feb 2021.

Tech Corner
IBM Software Engineer Harit Patel has created a great extension that allows dashboard authors to hide filter icons. You can apply this to individual widgets or all widgets on a dashboard. Download this extension from the IBM Accelerator Catalog.

Download this sample Funnel visualization from the Accelerator Catalog. Funnel visualizations can help you identify potential workplace process risks and areas needing improvement.

Refreshing Data Sets after an upgrade to 11.1.7 may show errors indicating columns do not resolve. A change in the selection of identifier attribute could be the problem. View details including options on resolution.
Cloud Corner

It's finally here!! Planning Analytics on Cloud is now available as a data source in Cognos Analytics on Demand.

Frequently asked questions about cloud. Review the FAQ about your Cognos Analytics on Cloud subscription.

Cognos Analytics on Cloud hosted is an environment provisioned specifically for your company. Learn about migrating and tailoring your Cognos Analytics on Cloud hosted environment for your needs. Replay is available.

Get help managing users in an integrated environment for Cognos Analytics on Cloud and Planning Analytics on Cloud with SSO (Single Sign-On). This integration now allows users to seamlessly move between Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics.

Gartner Peer Review Survey

We'd love your feedback and would appreciate your product review to help others considering IBM Cognos Analytics.
On-Premises Corner
If you're interested in gathering more information on migration to Cognos Analytics on Cloud, this document outlines what to expect with the onboarding of your new cloud environment.

With Transformer if you're prompted for a database signon when using DQM (Dynamic Query Mode), this technote may help.

If you have changed server names as part of an upgrade and you use dynamic cubes, you might have cube startup issues. This article may help to resolve.

Using Cognos LifeCycle Manager as part of your upgrade process is a great way to compare report outputs between environments. If your reports requiring prompts fail, it could be due to anonymous access being set to 'true'. Learn how to avoid these issues.
Recommended Resources

Watch this video to learn more about the IBM Accelerator Catalog. A great place to find awesome extensions, samples, how to documents and more.

Here is a quick explanation and demo of Cognos Exploration. Find out how to get insights in the many ways to view your data.

Matt Newman, Senior Manager Performance Analytics & Financial Systems explains how Sunbelt Rentals are scaling growth with IBM Cognos and Planning Analytics. The offerings are ideal for their business intelligence, planning and reporting needs. They are able to produce new reports and report new data in a short amount of time.
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