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IBM Cognos Query Studio, Analysis Studio, and Cognos Workspace

By RACHEL SU posted 30 days ago


IBM Cognos Query Studio is an ad-hoc querying and reporting tool for creating simple lists in IBM Cognos Analytics. IBM Cognos Analysis Studio is a dimensional analysis tool for exploring, analyzing, and comparing dimensional data. IBM Cognos Workspace allows users to assemble dashboards using existing report parts. All studios were designed and implemented prior to Cognos Analytics 11 version.

To simplify our offerings and to provide better self-service user experience, Cognos Analytics 11 introduced AI infused interactive dashboarding and delivered major usability improvements in enterprise reporting. As such, Query Studio, Analysis Studio and Cognos Workspace have not been enhanced since Cognos 11 and we have no plan to further improve these legacy components. Their conformance level will remain unchanged. 

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson version 11.2.4 (long-term support) is the final release that includes IBM Cognos Query Studio, IBM Cognos Analysis Studio, and IBM Cognos Workspace. See announcement letter here.

We recommend customers to migrate their users and workloads to modern components such as Cognos dashboards and reports. Feature comparison documents are available to help customers to further understand how to leverage modern capabilities to perform equivalent BI tasks.

Feature comparison documents

As a reminder, Query Studio and Analysis Studio assets do continue to render automatically in Cognos report viewer without recreation. Assets can also be manually converted to Cognos reports for future modifications. We have also developed a feature to allow customers to convert assets in bulk.

Bulk conversion documentation




24 days ago

Hi Kim,

There isn't an equivalent component with feature comparison available for Cognos Workspace unfortunately.

Customers can run reports individually or recreate the content in Dashboard and perhaps allow drill through to different reports instead.

26 days ago

In the Feature comparison document is see the comparison of Query and Analysis Studio to Report studio.  Is there a similar comparison to help guide customer who need to convert Workspace Dashboards?  I know we will be asked for that information. Thanks!

27 days ago

Hi Jeremy,

We have no plan to deprecate Event Studio. It has many important capabilities our customers and partners rely on.

27 days ago

Hi Rachel,

Can you give us any hints as to the future of Event Studio? It also hasn't been updated in a long, long time. Would hate to be blindsided with a similar announcement for Event Studio.

Thank you.