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11.2.3 - IBM Cognos Analytics Reporting

By RACHEL SU posted Tue August 30, 2022 01:50 PM


For 11.2.3, we have hand picked a group of features that will help you to further govern, secure and customize the reporting interface for different users based on their needs.


Cognos lets companies to control which users can use what functionalities in different areas of the product. Over the years, many customers have told us they need additional capabilities to further break down who can create/edit user defined SQL versus running reports containing user defined SQL. This is now possible in 11.2.3 version with added capabilities. We have also added this for other advanced features including HTML items and Burst.

The granular control of user defined SQL will control who can create and edit separate from users who can run reports with user defined SQL.

The two options for bursting control who can generate burst outputs vs who can edit burst definition.

The two options for HTML items control who can create and edit HTML items versus who can run reports with HTML items.


Administrators can customize the Reporting interface by hiding certain icons. This provides a tailored user interface for different types of users. Items that are part of the navigation menu can be customized. This release we’ve also added the ability to disable ‘properties’ and the ‘…’ (more) from the toolbar.


There hasn’t been a single release where we didn’t add more features for our visualizations. For 11.2.3 here are the additional properties for different visualizations:

  • Treemap labels

  • Bubble sizes

  • All visualizations

Drill-through using context filter

When using package based drill-through, values included in the context filter will automatically passed to the target report as filter values. This is especially useful if you are familiar with Analysis Studio and want to migrate from Analysis Studio to Cognos Reporting.


As summer coming to an end, these new features in Cognos Reporting will keep my heart warm for a long time. I hope you feel the same. :)