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Exciting updates to 11.1.3 Reporting

By RACHEL SU posted Wed July 10, 2019 09:42 AM


You might have noticed 11.1.2 version didn’t have new features in reporting. However, we haven’t been slacking. All the hard work went into 11.1.3!

Drill-through using 11.1 visualizations

To recap, 11.1 visualizations are new to the product. They are different than any other charting engines we’ve had in the past that they are written in JavaScript. This gives great flexibility and interactivity for users.

Starting 11.1.3 version, authors can enable drill-through on the new visualizations using the same drill-through definition dialog they are familiar with.

With this feature, you can make multiple selections on the chart body and pass all the values onto the target report if your target report supports it. You can also combine multiple data items in your selections. For example, I can select 2017 from the legend and Outdoor Protection 2014 column from the chart body. In this usecase, the target report will return results for all products for year 2017 plus Outdoor Protection for year 2014.

Although drill through can be performed using the OnDemand Toolbar, we have also implemented gesture to make it even more accessible. Report consumers can double click on the chart body and drill-through will be automatically triggered.

Filter dialog

We’ve been looking for the correct filter dialog design that can serve both advanced report authors as well as report consumers for a while. I am happy to report that journey has completed, and I think the newly improved filter dialog has everything for every user.

The new filter dialog is available in both report authoring UI as well as when running reports in the new interactive viewer. It can be launched through the filter icon under OnDemand Toolbar called "Create Custom Filter".

We brought back the enhanced search capability as well as the ability to manually copy/paste values.

Conditions are also supported to help users to create more dynamic filters.


Target line for bar and column charts

When creating a bar or a column chart, an extra slot is now available and can be used as the target.

More visualizations support both server-side and browser-side rendering

Since all new visualizations can be rendered on the browser-side, we still have lots work to do to provide PDF/Excel support. 11.1.3 has more server-side visualizations added. As of now, the following visualizations can render server-side using Java as well as browser side leveraging JavaScript. All Area, Boxplot, Bubble, All bar/column, All Line, packed bubble, Pie, Point, Radar, Radial, Scatter plot, Combination, Waterfall and Word Cloud.

When a report is rendered in HTML format, the JavaScript version of the visualization will be used to provide full interactivity. When a report is rendered in PDF or Excel, the Java version of the same visualization will be used instead.

Customize default ‘blank’ template

Many customers have been asking if they can customize the default ‘blank’ template. This template was hard-coded in the product in the past. We made some changes to allow customers to modify this template as well in 11.1.3.

You could always customize or add your own report templates by placing them under the Team Content/Templates folder. What’s new in 11.1.3 is if you create a report name ‘blank’ and place it under the same Templates folder, it will override the system default blank template.

Enhanced report overview

Report overview should provide a good overview of the entire report, right? Unfortunately, it hasn’t been. We’ve finally made some progress here by adding more useful information for report authors.

Now all the parameters and objects with counts are listed here to help report authors to understand or to troubleshoot the report. Going forward, we will make this view more interactive as well.