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Highlights of Planning Analytics Q1'2024 Product Updates - What's New and What's Next

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Wed January 24, 2024 04:32 PM


Planning Analytics Q1 2024 Product Update Webinar

The Planning Analytics product management team hosted the first product update session of the year and below are the highlights of the key topics covered in the session. Here is the link 

2024 Planning Analytics Roadmap

Stuart showcased the 2024 Planning Analytics public roadmap and some of them were demo'd in the webinar.

Multivariate Forecasting:

Multivariate Forecast is coming in the next PAW release in Q1 2024. We’re excited to provide our clients with better business outcomes. 
A multivariate forecast is a forecast that takes into consideration more than one time-dependent variable. The forecast model not only looks at historical data but also the dependencies between the specified variables to create a forecast. That provides more accurate forecasting values that is why we’re eager to give this capability to the product.
Note, that the users would need to export the variables data into PAW cubes. Then they will be able to add one or two explanatory variables/regressors to the forecast equation. The variable containing cubes would be shown up in the dropdown box if the column dimension(s) match - that's the criteria conformance for the time period expected.

Modelling Workbench updates

PAW 2.0.91 (Nov 2023)
Git Integration - Git repository integration was refined in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.91. we introduced support for Websheets and various file types, more flexible and powerful TurboIntegrator process integration, and the ability to save and reuse a configuration for adding content to a repository. Also, we added the option to exclude cube views when adding cubes to a repository.
PAW 2.0.92 (Dec 2023)
Process Editor- New TI Script editor supports Code Mirror 6 that is giving great performance and very snappy autocomplete.

What's targeted for Workbench in Q1 2024 (GA date not yet publicly available)

PAW 2.0. 93
Note: Tab key will be working as before for the indent in cm6 TI script area.
  1. In Dimension Editor - extra filters (up to 3 with and/or) would help with the element selection.
  2. Ability to re-create a cube UI option is coming provided that developers would re-import cube data, recreate views and update rules and related processes.
  3. For the Data imports - Allow mapping exiting dimensions for "New cube" (Use proven_techniques)
  4. Creating a new cube with the use of the existing dimensions. When trying to create a new cube out of a csv file, the user always need to create new dimensions, in some cases this is not practical, as the user might want to create a new cube out of existing dimensions or use a mix of new dimensions and existing ones. It’ll be supported.
PAW. 2.0. 94 Modeling
Ability to change TI process parameter types in bulk, same as it’s working now for the variables.
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Check-out the webinar recording:




Fri January 26, 2024 02:02 PM

Shane, this is correct - the roadmap has 4 pages, though page 4 contains all the info for each component.

Fri January 26, 2024 12:58 PM

Chris,  the new Format Manager will be available in Q1 2024, it'd be optional for users to enable this feature with flag.

Thu January 25, 2024 04:11 AM

The roadmap document only seems to have 4 pages in it

Thu January 25, 2024 02:01 AM

Great that Tab in TI editor will be back again! Been an adjustment going back to Ctrl I (from Architect days) for v92!

The automatic indent button that was added recently is great though, especially for older processes/old models...

Wed January 24, 2024 10:24 PM

Thanks for the update. Can you say in which version Format Manager will be released?