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Cognos Analytics Learning Series: Getting Started Video Series

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Mon October 24, 2022 12:00 AM

This collection of videos is intended for new business users to Cognos and they will help users to quickly get started by learning the foundational aspects of this powerful tool.  This Getting started video series consists of six modules that cover the key aspects of Cognos and there are additional videos that you can refer to as you gain more experience in using it. Check out the series below:

Getting started - Navigating IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson (11.2.2)
This video shows you how to navigate the IBM Cognos Analytics user interface using the Open menu, quick start buttons, context specific buttons, and breadcrumbs. The 2 types of content folders are also shown. The Get started pane is shown as the source for help via the Learn page and IBM Cognos Analytics community. 

Dashboards - Creating your first dashboard from an uploaded file (11.2.2)
This is the first of the series of videos on creating dashboards. If you are looking to do data analysis using an uploaded file you should watch this video. In this video you will see how to create a dashboard from an uploaded file,how to prepare data for analysis using format, data groups and calculations, how to add visualizations to a dashboard and how to conduct data analysis using a dashboard. IBM Cognos Analytics Smarts recommending a visualization based on data is demonstrated in the video. Future videos will build on the skills and techniques shown in this video to create consumer ready dashboards.

Data modules - How to upload data (11.2.2)
Uploading files enables you to do data analysis, author visualizations and enrich corporate data assets. In this video you will see how to prepare and upload an Excel file, a delimited file and a compressed zip library. Methods for dealing with new and updated files are demonstrated and best practices are discussed. 

Data modules - How to create a data module from an uploaded file (11.2.2)

This video shows a single uploaded file being used to create a data module. This is the simplest case for a data module. Skills in this video are foundational for all data module development. Data modules enable you to clean, transform and enrich data adding value to your analysis. In this video you will see how to create a data module starting with a single file, clean and transform data, create data groups and enrich data. Calculations are not covered in this video as that is an advanced task and will be covered in a separate video.

Data modules - How to create a data module from uploaded tables (11.2.2)
Data modules are where you prepare data coming from many sources for analysis and visualization. Data modules enable a business user to quickly and easily combine enterprise, departmental, spreadsheet and external data. When a zip file is the data source, Cognos Analytics analyzes the files and establish relationships between tables. In this video the file will be used as the initial data source for the data module. You will see how automatic join detection works, how to add an additional source of data, how to use split, data group and clean functions, how to create and use a navigation path, how to apply a currency format to a column and how to create and use filters.

Getting started - Introduction to managing content (11.2.2)
This video is intended for someone new to IBM Cognos Analytics. In the video the terms content, private content and public content are defined. It also demonstrates how to manage content using move, copy and hide.