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September Newsletter - Planning Analytics

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Wed September 21, 2022 09:38 AM


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IBM Planning Analytics Releases

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel release 80 is now available on cloud as a download from Planning Analytics Administration.  Also available from Fix Central for on premises customers.

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace release 79 is now available on Fix Central for PA Local customers. This release is also available for cloud customers.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson IF4 is now available for cloud customers


IBM Business Analytics Launch.  Today, it’s about making data-driven business decisions that drive competitive advantage. Every business user needs data and analytics. Learn more about IBM Business Analytics at our Launch event and discover how Business Analytics can help your organization make confident, data-driven decisions that boost both business impact and returns. Oct 25

IBM: What's Next for Planning Analytics with Watson Webinar. Join Mike McGeein, Director of Product Management for Planning Analytics, as he explores the exciting new cloud containerization capabilities that are coming to Planning Analytics in the near future. It's all about staying abreast of the move to multi-cloud architectures. Sept 27

Webinar: Ask Me Anything Planning Analytics with Watson,  October 2022 Edition.  Oct 13

Cubewise: Horizon, Global User Conference for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1. This conference is for companies that purchased or are thinking about purchasing IBM Planning Analytics/TM1. There will be sessions for decision makers, end-users and developers, presented by companies, consultants and IBM. This is a hybrid event, with both in-person and online sessions. Various October dates here.

Cubewise Australia Event: Effortless & Accurate Demand Forecasts. Join Cubewise for a specialized online event, focused on demand planning best practices that leverage a robust data and analytics solution with a user experience-oriented planning process. Oct 12

QueBIT Webinar: API's The Secret Ingredient for Composable xP&A Solutions. Join Quebit for this webinar in which they discuss Application Programming Interfaces (API's) and how to decide if they are appropriate for your project.  Oct 13

Tech Corner

Revelwood: Do you know how to add a new Connection URL or Edit an existing Connection URL in Planning Analytics for Excel?  Here are the steps to follow

Workspace Forecasting Recalibration - You may ask yourself, ‘What is the Watson in Planning Analytics with Watson’?  One place PA leverages Watson’s technology and ‘know-how’ is Workspace Forecasting. Read the blog article here.

Revelwood: How to add color to your multidimensional charts in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace - Check out this short video by our partner, Revelwood's Lee Lazarow, FP&A Technology Director, as he demonstrates how to add different colors to PAW charts.

Intito: Route Optimization with Algorithms Saves Valuable Resources - Planning and maintaining efficient routes is a complex challenge. The planning pain can be lessened with route optimization, and we have seen driving times reduced by up to 30%. Visa Linkiö, Data Scientist at Intito, demonstrates optimization solutions using PA. Check out the story here.

Planning Analytics Workspace security. This article by a long time Planning Analytics user explains how he used Planning Analytics Workspace as a front-end and how security was setup and managed.

Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A), is not a new concept for IBM clients who use IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, formerly known as Cognos TM1.  For the past several years, clients have embraced the need to tie operational decisions to the financial impact from both planning and analysis perspectives. Read this article to see how IBM Planning Analytics with Watson has helped clients do this for years.

Intito: EU-Based Companies Soon Required To Report ESG. The European Union's ambition is to harmonize all ESG reporting and provide a common framework for the information to be included. Read the story about this coming requirement here.
Tech Corner

Octane: Driver-based forecasting unlocks big-time opportunities in construction industry. Historical data can’t be a good determinant for the forecasting because the pace of change from one increment to the next is so great, that by the time the data is recorded, the opportunity or the threat is gone. With driver-based forecasting, you can build, and export different forecasts based on what-if scenarios. Read the story here.

Case Study

Quebit: Huffy Bicycles relies on predictive demand planning to increase forecast accuracy. Read the case study to see how Quebit business partner helped Huffy transform its inventory forecasting process.

Spitfire Analytics: Within logistics, shipping is a vast and delicate ecosystem. Over the last couple of years many people were directly impacted by complete production shutdowns, huge and unexpected swings in consumer demand, lack of labor at ports, a shortage of shipping containers… just to name a few! Read this case study to see how Spitfire Analytics optimized
shipping logistics for a retail organization in a time of change.

Recommended Videos

Taken from his presentation at the IBM Webinar "Sustainability Reporting - how to get started quickly", IBM's Carl Waddington demos the R6 Sustainability asset. This model provides organizations with an overview of what can be done around sustainability and responsibility using IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.  The full asset is here.

Recommended Resources

IBM Planning Analytics is winning industry awards!  IBM Planning Analytics won Best Feature Set and Best Relationship distinctions from TrustRadius! Read the results here.

IBM Planning Analytics is listed as a Summer 2022 leader from G2 for Sales & Ops Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting! Read the report here.


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