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July Newsletter: Cognos Analytics

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Thu July 28, 2022 05:47 PM

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Can we have 20 minutes of your time? Write an IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson review on Gartner Peer Insights, a peer review website that gives IT buyers a platform to provide honest and anonymous reviews about vendors’ products and services.  Here are two received from July:
We are always looking for more!

Remember, if you need assistance in downloading a product, contact eCustomer Care by clicking the Need Assistance link here.

New Releases

Cloud Pak for Data 4.5 introduces new features with a focus on nonfunctional requirements.  The new release of Cognos Analytics Cartridge introduces additional features, such as multiple instance deployment with a single control plane, security migration and authentication, and enhanced enterprise scalability. Get the details here.


Think 2022 continues as IBM plans to visit five more tour cities around the globe for the remainder of the year.  You can continue to take advantage of the Think Event Replays and Think Academy Online 2022 labs.

IBM UK Business Analytics User
Forum  provides an opportunity to find out more about recent developments in IBM Business Analytics. Join us to discover more on the new IBM Business Analytics Content Hub, roadmap updates for Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics, customer use cases, and of course demos!   Sep 9

Webinar: Ask Me Anything: Cognos Analytics with Watson September
2022 Edition (there is no August edition). Sep 13

Tech Corner

Cognos Fix Lists.  Access a comprehensive list of defect corrections for Cognos Analytics Components here.

PMsquare: Conditional Formatting in Cognos Analytics (Advanced & Basic). This article provides an overview of the conditional formatting feature in Cognos, and shows examples of how it can be leveraged to improve the user experience of a report. Check out the article.

PMsquare: CognosPaul aka Paul Mendelson, Senior Solutions Architect at PMsquare, and an IBM Champion, created a video called Customizing Cognos UI Elements. In this video, CognosPaul shows how to hide/show or disable/enable specific UI elements for specific groups of users. Check out the video here.
Tech Corner

Have an idea to improve Cognos?
Submit your new feature ideas or enhancements about Cognos via the Ideas portal. You can also look at other user ideas and vote on your favorites! Check it out here.

We need your feedback on the Accelerator Catalog! We value your feedback and use it so that we can keep improving our content and delivery. See the feedback question here and send us an email.

Recommended Videos

Tune in to the new Cognos Analytics Learning Series. A collection of videos that helps new users learn how to get the most out of their analytics solution. Check out the first two videos below on creating your first exploration and authoring your first dashboard.

Explorations - Creating your first exploration from an uploaded file. Explorations are done in a flexible workspace where you can discover and analyze data, uncover hidden relationships, and identify patterns that turn your data into insights.  Watch the video here.

How to author a dashboard (11.2.2).  This video demonstrates how a fictional coffee retailer created a dashboard driven by sales data to monitor daily sales, identify trends and measure performance by comparing sales against store targets.

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