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July Newsletter: Planning Analytics with Watson

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Sun July 17, 2022 07:30 PM


Now Available: Status page for Planning Analytics on Cloud.  The Planning Analytics team is excited to announce the release of a new status page for the Planning Analytics on Cloud Offering.  This page will be your "one stop shop" for any important information about the status/events relating to the cloud service.

Final Notice - Workspace Classic to be sunset August 2022.  The IBM Planning Analytics team intends to remove the capability to remain on the classic experience and preview the new experience during the August 2022 Planning Analytics Workspace update.  You can read the deprecation notice near the bottom of this technote for 2.0.78 SC.

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IBM Planning Analytics Releases

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel release 77 is now available on cloud as a download from Planning Analytics Administration.  Also available from Fix Central for on premises customers, 

IBM Planning Analytics Local v2.0: Planning Analytics Workspace Release 78 is now available on Fix Central. There are some significant changes in this release, read about those here.


Webinar: Ask Me Anything Planning Analytics with Watson,  July 2022 Edition.  Jul 21

Quebit: Beat the Recession with IBM Planning Analytics. In this webinar, AG Tan, IBM Champion and Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Quebit, will demonstrate why IBM Planning Analytics remains the best planning platform technology available, and explain how companies that embrace it are able to weather external shocks like pandemics and recessions better than their competitors. Aug 16
Tech Corner

Help shape the future of Planning Analytics by submitting ideas that matter to you the most. Post ideas and enhancement requests. You can also take a look at ideas others have posted and upvote them if they matter to you. Submit your ideas here.

Aramar: What are Feeders and how do they work in IBM Planning Analytics? Feeders are sometimes seen as a difficult issue within Planning Analytics, but they don’t have to be. They solve a real modelling problem that we have in business reporting and planning systems, which in essence, answers the questions of how many or how much by ‘the who’, ‘the what’, ‘the where’ and ‘the when’ of an organisation. Get the details here.

Revelwood:  How to use Planning Analytics Workspace chart colors to differentiate data points.  Read the article here.

QueBIT: Using Default Views in IBM Planning Analytics.  Planning Analytics cubes can each have multiple views defined, and typically each cube will have specific views designed to assist with common reporting needs. This article reviews how to setup and manage Planning Analytics default views.

Revelwood: Using the escape character in Planning Analytics Workspace. Read how to use the escape character to include apostrophes in TM1 object names.

QueBIT:  Using Custom Themes in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.  Did you know that you can override the standard Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) theme with your own “custom theme” that reflects your corporate branding or culture?  This article explains how.
Tech Corner

From Business Solutions With AK:  How to create a new TM1 instance with multiple data directories in TM1. This Youtube video explains how to setup such an instance and how it works.

Case Study

In516ht: From Manual Data Collection to Automated Planning Process.  Nova KBM is a universal bank with the longest, more than 160-year-old tradition of banking in Slovenia. Read how In516gt enabled Nova KBM to migrate from manual Excel planning into Planning Analytics.

Recommended Video

Why I think the ERP companies have got it wrong. Watch Errol Brandt's video where he argues that we don't need to accept the idea of highly summarized general ledgers. The technology exists today for us to have all analytical levels available in the same set of data. Check out the video.

Recommended Resources

Octane: IBM Planning Analytics TM1 user experience white paper 2022. This white paper was written to describe the level of self-service users can expect from IBM Planning Analytics TM1. Download the paper here.

Share your experience! Participate in BARC’s annual BI & Analytics Survey - The voice of the BI and analytics community. The survey is here.

Complete a Trust Radius review of Planning Analytics with Watson and get a $25.00 Amazon gift card once your review is accepted.


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