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June Newsletter: See What's New!

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Fri July 01, 2022 05:02 PM


Can we have 20 minutes of your time? Write an IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson review on Gartner Peer Insights, a peer review website that gives IT buyers a platform to provide honest and anonymous reviews about vendors’ products and services.

From Perficient's Mark McDaniel: 
COGNOS IS BACK! For those of you who are thinking about migrating away from Cognos, think carefully about abandoning your investment when you already have a premier platform with all of the capabilities.  Instead, spend a little time taking a fresh look at what Cognos 11.2 already does and then compare the total cost of migration away from Cognos to the cost of improving the content of your existing Cognos platform. Read the story.

Remember, if you need assistance in downloading a product, contact eCustomer Care by clicking the Need Assistance link here.

New Releases

Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.1.7 FP5 is now available on Fix Central.  Here is the download document.  A review of what's new and changed can be found here.


Think 2022 continues as IBM plans to visit six more tour cities around the globe for the remainder of the year.  You can continue to take advantage of the Think Event Replays and Think Academy Online 2022 labs,

BACon Comes To Chicago. The Business Analytics Conference (BACon) is PMsquare's annual signature conference and this year it comes to you! BACon returns to its in-person modality and will be popping up in cities across the United States.  Jul 14

Webinar: Ask Me Anything: Cognos Analytics with Watson July
2022 Edition. Jul 19

From Senturus - Cognos Data Modules + Framework Manager=High Performance Reporting. In this on-demand webinar, learn about a real-life application that used Cognos data modules and data sets to leverage existing Framework Manager models. Watch the replay here.

Tech Corner

Cognos Fix Lists.  Access a comprehensive list of defect corrections for Cognos Analytics Components here.

Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence: What do experts say?  Many business professionals get confused between BA and BI; it’s crucial to learn the difference.  Read this article by Luigi De Fonsi for a review of the two concepts.

A new accelerator from Globetech: Visualize building locations. This example dashboard displays location information of houses in Phuket, Thailand. This information can be displayed in the form of a heatmap with color shades to show the density of houses in each area. The display of house roofs can be classified into many types such as residence, business district, government office, etc.
Tech Corner
New in the Accelerator Catalog: How to share dashboard content (11.2.2). In this video you will see how insights you discover with Cognos Analytics can be shared with others driving collaboration. Five ways to share will be demonstrated: email and Slack integration, creating a URL to the content, creating code that can be embedded in a webpage and creating a PDF of the dashboard. See it here.

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Submit your new feature ideas or enhancements about Cognos via the Ideas portal. You can also look at other user ideas and vote on your favorites! Check it out here.

We need your feedback on the Accelerator Catalog! We value your feedback and use it so that we can keep improving our content and delivery. See the feedback question here and send us an email.

Case Study

Read how Kai Ming Head Start uses Cognos Analytics to help kids get ahead.  Business Partner PMSquare assisted Kai Ming with their Cognos Analytics implementation and helped clear the data capture and reporting requirements to be successful.

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