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June Newsletter: Planning Analytics with Watson

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Tue June 21, 2022 08:50 PM


Now Available: Status page for Planning Analytics on Cloud.  The Planning Analytics team is excited to announce the release of a new status page for the Planning Analytics on Cloud Offering.  This page will be your "one stop shop" for any important information about the status/events relating to the cloud service.

Coming soon in PA 2.0.78: A new cube viewer will be replacing the Classic cube viewer in workbench automatically, no feature flag and no migration steps needed. Details to follow.

Workspace Classic to be sunset July 2022.  The IBM Planning Analytics team intends to remove the capability to remain on the classic experience and preview the new experience during the July 2022 Planning Analytics Workspace update.  You can read about that in this blog post and also in this technote.

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IBM Planning Analytics Releases

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace release 77 is now available on cloud. Take a look at new features here.  

IBM Cognos Controller version 10.4.1 IF 14 now available for cloud.  Read about that here. This release is also available from Fix Central here.


The Cloud/containerized version of TM1 server is coming soon with the next release of Planning Analytics for Cloud Pak for Data. Stuart King, Senior Product Manager for PA, hosted a webinar where he discussed the benefits of a containerized architecture, in terms of modernizing your TM1 model and improving the uptime of TM1 databases with OpenShift. Available On-Demand – Watch the replay. Have questions or comments for Stuart, join in the discussion

Webinar: Ask Me Anything Planning Analytics with Watson,  July 2022 Edition.  Jul 21

From TM1Explorers: Sydney TM1 Meetup -The Next Generation of Planning Analytics. Join TM1Explorers and IBM's Kevin Jessop as they discuss  the next generation of Planning Analytics.  Jun 21 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm UTC+10

From Revelwood: DataMaestro live webinar.  Orchestrating the movement of data in IBM Planning Analytics. Join for a 20-minute demonstration to learn more about DataMaestro and how you can save time, money and gain peace of mind that the orchestration of your data is producing accurate results. Jun 22

Tech Corner

Help shape the future of Planning Analytics by submitting ideas that matter to you the most. Post ideas and enhancement requests. You can also take a look at ideas others have posted and upvote them if they matter to you. Submit your ideas here.

From MCI Consultants' George Tonkin, a two part blog post to get you started using Planning Analytics REST API. Excel will be used as the user interface with VBA to drive the queries handle the results. In Part 1 of this topic we look at building processes to retrieve Sessions and associated Threads as well as a request to cancel a Thread.  Part 2 can be found here.

In this blog post by IBM's Svetlana Pestsova, see how to enable the calendar picker for PAW cube viewer and websheets.

From Quebit: Demand Planning – continuous evolution leads to best-in-class. Demand planning is a critical cross-functional process, which helps to align and forecast customer demand for a product or business.  Read this article for a summary of a continuous process to support effective decision making at all levels.

TM1 / Planning Analytics MDX Reference Guide.  This post will hopefully get more developers using MDX within their sets and views. The intention is to expose MDX commands that work in TM1, their syntax, usage and some examples and applications. Check out the blog post by community member, George Tonkin from MCI Consultants,                                      
Tech Corner

Finance Transformation, On Premises vs Cloud. As part of the Finance Transformation journey many organizations across the globe are assessing/assessed their software inventory, to plan and future proof their technology stack.  In this article, Akram Ali, an IBM EPM specialist, discusses the merits of SaaS (Software as Service) vs On-premises.

Upload files with action buttons in
Planning Analytics Workspace.  
Watch this video by Planning Analytics Product Manager Stuart King, where he demonstrates a new feature in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.77

Case Study

Intito Finland customer Destia streamlined their Planning Analytics solution and migrated to IBM Cloud making reporting and forecasting more business-driven and giving the company a capability to use more accurate information in decision-making.  Read the case study here.

Recommended Resources

Lodestar: All companies should care about ESG reporting! Every company, even privately held companies, should pay attention to ESG reporting.  ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and is a set of standards used by socially conscious investors to screen potential investments.  This article provides an overview of ESG and how to mitigate your risk.

Share your experience! Participate in BARC’s annual BI & Analytics Survey - The voice of the BI and analytics community. The survey is here.

Complete a Trust Radius review of Planning Analytics with Watson and get a $25.00 Amazon gift card once your review is accepted.


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