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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson Newsletter - December 2021 Edition

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted 21 days ago


Welcome to the holiday edition of the Cognos Analytics with Watson newsletter. 2021 will be the year that we long remember, given the pandemic and all of the ensuing changes to our personal and work lives. Our Cognos community has thrived and grown and we look forward to connecting with you in 2022.

Urgent Security Bulletin
IBM Cognos Analytics: Apache log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-45046). This issue is categorized as Critical Severity. Apache Log4j is used by IBM Cognos Analytics as part of its logging infrastructure. This bulletin addresses the exposure to the Apache Log4j (CVE-2021-45046) vulnerability. IBM Cognos Analytics has upgraded Apache Log4j to v2.16. Please note that this update also addresses CVE-2021-44228. Stay abreast of the latest remediation and fixes here. You can also raise a support ticket here if you need assistance.

Motio Suite, which now also includes Motio Persona IQ and Motio Reportcard, is available from Passport Advantage. This is in addition to MotioCI and MotioPI which were previously made available. Get the details here.

IBM Cognos Analytics Entitlement to IBM Planning Analytics v2.0 -Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel is now available on Fix Central. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.0.4 containing IBM Cognos Analytics Cartridge for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Cognos Analytics Modernization, and IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded as part of the CPD platform are now available. Get the details here.

Are you passionate about Analytics? You could be a 2022 IBM Champion! In 2022, we want to grow and expand the number of analytics champions and we would love to have you participate. Check out the details here to see if you qualify.
Tech Corner

IBM Community Festival 2021 Playback! Check out all the analytics related content that was showcased at the community event here.

Using the Query subject usage property. The usage property controls how the query subject should be understood and how the query engine should treat the query subject, and its child objects, in a query. Read the blog here.
The secrets to building great looking dashboards. Cognos dashboards are a great tool for easily building great looking content, but how do you get the most out of them? In this session, Ryan Dolley will give you the tools to make amazing looking dashboards. Topics explored include formatting tricks, visualization best practices, accelerator catalog content and dashboard templates. Subscribe to Expert TV if you haven't already, then watch the replay here

There are a wide range of accelerators available for Cognos that help you to quickly take advantage of new features and functionality. See what is new in the Accelerator Catalog for Cognos here.

Have an idea to improve Cognos?
Submit your new feature ideas or enhancements about Cognos via the Ideas portal. You can also look at other user ideas and vote on your favorites. 

Gregorian Calendar with Dynamic As Of Date (11.2.1).  Here is an accelerator that is a sample Gregorian calendar with the ability to select three common As Of Dates via a global parameter. Get it here.


Tech Corner
IBM Accelerator Catalog: Script to upload a file using the REST API (11.1.7 and above).  This Cognos REST API sample python script is first in a series and demonstrates the use of the Upload File REST APIs that enable creation, updating and appending to Cognos user upload files. 

Recommended Learning Resources

Getting Started with 11.2 Dashboards Workshop. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the key capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboards: Uploading data, AI Assistant, visualizations, mapping, forecasting, and pattern analysis. If you are a current customer, login to Cognos. If you are not a current customer, you can sign up for the free trial version to follow the workshop.

Webinar available On Demand. The benefits and costs of deploying and leveraging IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson: Forrester Research - David Park, a senior consultant and practice lead at Forrester presents the results of a recent research study. This study uses results and data from current customers to build the comprehensive business case for using Cognos Analytics to make data-driven decisions that impact both an organization’s frontline and internal operations. Watch it On Demand here.
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17 days ago

Hi Nick - I haven't seen anything about a January edition of "Ask me anything about Cognos", is an announcement planned?  I am sure there are a lot of followup questions regarding the Security Patches etc.

For example, I don't think there is a lot of clarity about the "succession pattern" of Interim Fixes is, for example does IF7 include all of the code changes from IF 1054 (in case of CA 11.1.7 stream)?  Is there an immiment FP for 11.1.7 planned anyway, which would supersede FP3, include all fixes to date, and also the Security updates?

Looking forward to a great 2022!