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Newsletter Alert: Cognos Analytics with Watson - November Edition 2021

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Wed December 01, 2021 03:57 PM


This is a special IBM Community Festival 2021 edition of the Cognos Analytics with Watson Newsletter and we bring you some highlights of the 5-day event.
IBM Cognos Analytics - Entitlement to IBM Planning Analytics v2.0 Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel is now available on Fix Central. Get the details here.
IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 FP4 is now available on Fix Central. Learn about the new and changed features here. See what has been fixed in this release.


Webinar: Ask Me Anything Cognos Analytics with Watson – December Edition. Join our Cognos product management team live at the beginning of each month to ask and get answers to your most pressing  Cognos Analytics Questions. If you like product roadmap sneak previews, don't worry - we'll be sharing those, too. Dec 7

Webinar: David Park, a senior consultant and practice lead at Forrester will review a recent study looking at the benefits and costs of deploying and leveraging IBM Cognos Analytics. This study uses results and data from current customers to build the comprehensive business case for using Cognos Analytics to make data-driven decisions that impact both an organization’s frontline and internal operations. Dec 13

Replays of IBM Community Festival 2021

There were several interesting and informative sessions related to Planning Analytics with Watson at IBM Community Festival 2021. Watch the On Demand replays of the sessions and follow-up with the speakers via the Cognos Analytics Community. First, you need to subscribe to IBM Expert TV to watch all of the sessions.

Using Cognos Analytics to improve the Danish National Football team's game.  In this session, Rikke Jacobsen, CEO CogniTech, explains how IBM and CogniTech helped the Danish National Football team turn data into strategic insight. These data driven insights were used by the coaches to create a game day strategy that the players executed. Watch the session here.
Replays of IBM Community Festival 2021

Innovation Day Keynote – You are us! Featuring Daniel Hernandez, General Manager, IBM Data and AI. Watch the session here.

What’s new and what’s next in Cognos Analytics.  Today’s AI-infused Cognos Analytics helps you get to the answers you need quickly and with confidence. Attend this session to hear about the latest innovations in Cognos Analytics. We’ll cover what’s new since we connected in the spring of this year and what is coming next in 2022. Watch the replay here.
A review of the new capabilities in Dynamic Query in the 11.2.0 and 11.2.1 releases of Cognos Analytics with Watson. Dynamic Query provides a rich query platform that supports applications created in Cognos Analytics. Attend this session to hear about the new capabilities added to the latest releases in 2021. Watch the replay here.

Transforming Cognos Analytics towards AI.  In this session, Gandhi Sivakumar, IBM distinguished engineer for analytics in IBM software labs shares her team's experience infusing innovations into Cognos via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the key value propositions anchored to AI. The session covers the benefits to all users, from business analysts, modelers, to data scientists to get insights from the various solution-based AI functionality in Cognos Analytics with Watson. Watch the replay here.

The secrets to building great looking dashboards. Cognos dashboards are a great tool for easily building great looking content, but how do you get the most out of them? In this session, Ryan Dolley will give you the tools to make amazing looking dashboards. Topics explored include formatting tricks, visualization best practices, accelerator catalog content and dashboard templates. Watch the replay here.

Tech Corner

Use the Parquetmigrate utility when moving from Cognos version 11.0.x. This document provides additional information for an environment using SSL communications. Read about it in this technote.
Have an idea to improve Cognos Analytics? Submit your new feature ideas or enhancements about Cognos Analytics via the Ideas portal. You can also look at other user ideas and vote on your favorites! Check it out here.
IBM Accelerator Catalog: Present additional content by adding a Tabbed Widget (versions 11.2.0 to 11.2.1).  This sample extension will allow dashboard authors to add a flexible layout container to the dashboard to present content on different tabs. Get it here.
IBM Accelerator Catalog: Script to upload file using REST API (11.1.7 and above). This Cognos Analytics REST API sample python script is first in a series and demonstrates the use of the Upload File REST APIs that enable creation, updating and appending to Cognos user upload files. 

Recommended Learning Resources

PMSquare Video: Important Cognos Install Considerations. Installing Cognos Analytics? Review some of the important things to consider before taking the leap! Watch it here.
IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson. A new name but what does this mean? This session will quickly explain the benefits of the newly launched IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson. IBM has invested and infused the solution with many key AI capabilities – adding them to data preparation, data modelling, advanced analytics charting and visualisations, as well as giving business users the ability to ask the AI assistant questions of their data. Watch the webcast here.

Getting started with 11.2 dashboards workshop.  In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the key capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboards: Uploading data, AI Assistant, visualizations, mapping, forecasting, and pattern analysis. If you are a current customer, login to Cognos and if you are not a current customer, you can sign up for the free trial version to follow the workshop.
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