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Planning Analytics with Watson Newsletter - November Edition

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Fri November 19, 2021 11:04 AM


This is a special IBM Community Festival 2021 edition of the Planning Analytics with Watson Newsletter and we bring you some highlights of the 5-day event.

Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services Release 69 is available on Fix Central for support customers for download. Get the details here.

Planning Analytics v2.0: Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel Release 69 is now available on cloud and for on prem installations. 
IBM Planning Analytics Workspace  Release 70 for cloud is now available. Here are some of the highlights.   

Important Notice:
IBM Planning Analytics Workspace  Release 70 will be the last release that allows modelers to create new modeling books. Read the deprecation notice here.

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace and Docker Licensing. This blog addresses questions regarding revisions to Docker licensing terms, and how they may impact Planning Analytics Workspace users. Read the blog post here.


Webinar: Ask Me Anything - Planning Analytics with Watson, December Edition. Dec 9
CorPlan: The future of budgeting, forecasting, planning and analytics is here. At this digital roadshow event CorPlan will show how world-class financial and operational planning solutions can improve your organisation’s budgeting, forecasting, planning & analytics, no matter its size or industry. And do it all without a lengthy, expensive implementation process.  10AM NZST or 2PM NZST, Nov 25

Replays of IBM Community Festival 2021

There were several interesting and informative sessions related to Planning Analytics with Watson at IBM Community Festival 2021. Watch the On Demand replays of the sessions and follow-up with the speakers via the Planning Analytics Community. First, you need to subscribe to IBM Expert TV to watch all of the sessions.

Learn how PSP Investments uses Planning Analytics with Watson to Automate their Financial Processes. Join Julie Decaux, Senior Director Financial Planning and Analysis at PSP Investments and Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Planning Analytics expert consultant, as PSP Investments take us through their journey from spreadsheets to a self-service solution. Watch the session here.

Smarter supply chain planning for an unpredictable world.  Learn how continuous integrated planning can transform your supply chain and operations, boost supply chain performance and drive new levels of agility. Hear from Bill Primerano, Justin Croft and Petri Sipola, as they share how an integrated approach allows operational plans to automatically update financial plans, providing a more accurate picture of organizational performance and enables business leaders to strategize and build plans with a synthesized view of the organization in mind.  Watch the session here.
Replays of IBM Community Festival 2021
Eversource’s journey to efficient planning and reporting with Planning Analytics. This session focuses on Eversource’s journey from a manual Excel based planning process to an efficient planning and reporting process leveraging the power of Planning Analytics.  Topics include the many benefits achieved in their initial implementation of TM1, continuing enhancements made to business processes, and recent benefits achieved in upgrading from TM1 to Planning Analytics for Excel (Pafe) and Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). Watch the session here.
Innovation Day Keynote – You are us! Featuring Daniel Hernandez, General Manager, IBM Data and AI. Watch the session here.
What’s new in planning, forecasting and analysis with Mike McGeein, Director Product Management, Planning Analytics with Watson. Attend this session to hear about the latest capabilities and what’s coming next. 

Solve complex decision-making problems and focus on the right plan versus just any plan. Martin Phillips, Project Manager, Planning Analytics with Watson. Watch the session here.
Join Stuart King and Svetlana Pestsova, Product Managers, Planning Analytics with Watson, as they discuss a new modeling workbench to create and maintain your model in Planning Analytics with Watson.  

Tech Corner

A review of changes between releases of Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE). Paul Young, IBM Senior Customer Success Manager, provides a breakdown of the major enhancements in PAfE between release 65 and release 69. Read about the changes here.

Discovering MDX Intrinsic Members. A new user to Planning Analytics, George Tonkin, wrote about honing his MDX skills and he discovered a few obscure properties that may be useful. Some may assist in creating sets for users to use, some for administration and others may be purely academic. Read George's blog post here.

Cubewise: Mastering RunProcess - Part 2. Interested in learning how to shorten load times? Read part 2  of Errol Brandt’s blog. In part 1, he describes the various ways of running multiple process threads. The easiest way to implement multi-threading is through the RunProcess command. It's identical in syntax to the ExecuteProcess command, but it differs at runtime as it does not wait for the sub-process to finish. Read Errol's blog post here.
Recommended Resources

Resilience in the Planning Process: The Role of Containerization and IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.  Mike McGeein, Director of Product Management for Planning Analytics, discusses that an important path in the IBM Planning Analytics with Watson modernization agenda is the role that containerization plays in helping increase solution resilience and supporting additional data sources for our clients and prospects. 

Tune-in to the Planning Analytics radio podcast series featuring our very own Bill Primerano, Worldwide Technical Sales leader for Planning Analytics. Check out the latest episode on implementing smarter supply chain planning. You can  also subscribe to the podcast series.

PMSquare: Budgeting Your Workforce in Planning Analytics.  Dan Swan, Senior Consultant at PMSquare, discusses how Planning Analytics allows you to make simple or complex budgeting models that can be effective for any aspect of your business, including workforce planning. Your workforce model can be as precise as your requirements, whether you want to budget at a department level, position level, or employee level. Read the article here.

From Spitfire Analytics: Date Conversions in TI processes. Declan Rodger explains his use case where he needed to calculate over a billion dates in a single process, and found that using FormatDate and ParseDate was incredibly slow.  By applying lead times on top of a dispatch date to estimate when goods would be received at various stops on logistics journeys, he was able to greatly speed things up. From suppliers through ports, warehouses, distribution hubs, and stores, it’s a specific use case, but any process calculating many dates will have similar issues. 

From Revelwood:  Thanh Chau discusses a new feature introduced in version 2.0.68 of IBM Planning Analytics for Excel, a new toggle that was added to the Planning Analytics ribbon that allows users to decide how DBRW formulas are treated when data is entered. Read the article here.

This video discusses and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and how you can prepare for the adoption of ESG reporting as a key aspect of your process. Watch the video here.


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