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The October Edition of the Cognos Newsletter is here!

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Sat October 30, 2021 02:30 PM



IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud 11.2.1 On-Demand (multi-tenant) and Cloud Hosted (Dedicated) are now available in all data centers. Check out what’s new in release 11.2.1 here.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.0.2 is available. This release includes IBM Cognos Analytics as a Cartridge and IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded as part of the CPD platform. Get the details here.

The latest IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile clients are available on the Google Play Store and Apple iOS app store. ‎With the new IBM Cognos Analytics mobile app, you stay tuned into your data like never before. See the insights you care about most at-a-glance, receive notifications of key changes, share visualizations, and use natural language to perform analysis on the fly.


IBM Community Festival 2021. The time has finally come for our inaugural IBM Community Festival 2021 happening over five days, 8 - 10 November and 16 - 17 November. We decided last year’s two day event just wasn’t long enough, so we’ve expanded it by three extra action packed days full of diverse programming, fresh voices, and engaging content. There will be plenty of time for members to build connections with IBM experts and each other, and exchange technical knowledge and information about IBM products and services. Get the details here.

Webinar: Ask Me Anything Cognos Analytics with Watson – November Edition. Join our Cognos product management team live at the beginning of each month to ask and get answers to your most pressing Cognos Analytics questions. If you like product roadmap sneak previews, don't worry - we'll be sharing those, too. Nov 2

Motio and IBM Cognos Workshop: Performance Optimization. Motio and guest speakers from IBM are running a series of performance optimization workshops. The performance of analytics platforms is essential for data-driven organizations. BI teams want to resolve issues before Cognos performance degrades. Reserve your place for the following session:

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - A new name but what does this mean? The latest 11.2.1 release of IBM Cognos Analytics is now with Watson, so it’s time to take a step back and let IBM take you through what we mean by AI in your Business Intelligence and how this can be extended to utilise the Watson family for data science, machine learning and data governance. Nov 23

Tech Corner

Dealing with unsupported data types. An article from Ian Henderson, Cognos Quality Control Manager, describes a new method of embedding a pass-through expression into the query item’s expression, which will convey a vendor native conversion function, and alternative methods of modelling unsupported data types in a data module. Read the article on the Cognos Community.
Using IPPA in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.  IPPA (In Product Performance Assistant) is an internal IBM Cognos Analytics tool that assists Report and Dashboard Authors requiring detailed performance analysis. Read about it in this Technote.

What’s new in Reporting in Cognos  release 11.2.1. Read the article from Cognos Reporting guru Rachel Su, as she runs through some of the many reporting improvements in the new release. Read it on the Cognos Community.

Have any ideas to improve Cognos? Submit your new feature ideas or enhancements about Cognos via the Ideas portal. You can also look at other user ideas and vote on your favorites! Check it out here.


Remember that if you need assistance in downloading a product, contact eCustomer Care by clicking the Need Assistance link.
Add an advanced server property that will allow you to specify a chunk of batch report service tasks to take from the queue, before taking a pause to allow other monitor services the chance to take some as well. Get the details here.

This technote contains an example of how you can use an extension to add multiple quick launch tiles.

Recent Google Big Query drivers are incompatible with Cognos Analytics. Google Big Query JDBC driver versions and later are not compatible with Cognos Analytics. It is no longer possible to download, from the Google Big Query website, JDBC driver versions that are compatible with Cognos Analytics. Read about it in this technote.
Tech Corner

How to add a 3rd Party Certificate Authority to allow for SSL between components in IBM Cognos Analytics 11. This article describes how to reset the cryptographic keys, create the certificate request to be signed by your third-party certificate authority and then import the signed certificates.   

How to filter a report using a comma-separated string entered in a text box. This article outlines a technique that allows users to enter a comma-separated string of multiple values that can be passed to a report parameter as a list of multiple items, essentially behaving as a multi-select prompt.

Additional Learning Resources

PMSquare Video: How to upgrade to Cognos – the right way! What are the top tips, biggest pitfalls, and must-dos of a successful Cognos upgrade? Join Ryan Dolley and Senior Consultant Sonya Fournier to explore all the ways to make your Cognos upgrade smooth and painless. 

Webinar: It’s time to move beyond self-service BI to augmented BI - The next generation of BI is fueled by AI and machine learning capabilities and significantly augments a user’s ability to make smarter decisions based on complex data.  In this On Demand webinar, listen to our guest speaker Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson, to learn about Forrester’s research on Augmented BI market trends and conditions. You will also learn about Cognos’s next-generation BI capabilities. Watch it here.

Cognos is now part of the Watson family! Watch the On Demand webinar where we celebrate the addition of Cognos Analytics to the Watson portfolio. Listen to Seth Dobrin, IBM’s Chief AI Officer, as the discusses why we continue to invest in Cognos, and what the AI and predictive vision is for products coming out of the Watson Research Labs. Watch it here.

Getting started with 11.2 dashboards workshop.  In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the key capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboards: Uploading data, AI Assistant, visualizations, mapping, forecasting, and pattern analysis. If you are a current customer, login to Cognos and if you are not a current customer, you can sign up for the free trial version to follow the workshop.
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