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IBM Cognos Analytics Newsletter August 2021

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Fri September 03, 2021 11:14 AM



IBM  has been named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.  Read about this here.

For IBM Cognos Analytics customers who are entitled,  Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel Release 67 is now available on Fix Central.

MotioPI and MotioCI now support IBM Cognos Anlaytics 11.2. They are now available for download here.

Trust Radius gave Cognos Analytics  its 2021 Top Rated Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software rating.  You can read about this here.

Cloud Corner

IBM Cognos Analytics Cartridge now is a part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data.  Learn how to implement API Authentication to IBM Cloud Pak for Data Cognos Analytics Cartridge.

Cognos Analytics on Demand is a great low cost analytic platform with two tiers : Standard and Premium. But did you know that you can migrate your content from an on-premise environment? Find out more in our Cognos Analytics on Cloud documentation.


Ask Me Anything: Cognos Analytics September edition is on the calendar. Meet Product Managers and join a lively conversation about all things Cognos Analytics. Sep 14

Need to improve business insights and outcomes with AI-infused analytics and data science techniques right away?  Motio is holding a Cognos Upgrade Workshop for the Americas.  Sep 23

LPA has a hands-on workshop focusing on how to get the most from your Cognos Analytics environment. Sep 15

From Senturus, a webinar that compares Cognos Analytics dashboards and reports, breaking down the differences in functionality between the two, and where each is best applied. Sep 16

Tech Corner

From PMSquare: Deploying IBM Cognos with an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Application Load Balancer. An Application Load Balancer (ALB) may seem unnecessary when thinking about architecting Cognos on AWS. Two reasons we recommend leveraging an ALB when deploying Cognos are simplified administration and improving your security posture. Read the details here.

We released a new functionality which allows administrators to create a whitelist of email domains in Cognos Analytics 11.1.5 release. When the parameter "Whitelist email domains" is set, emails can only be sent to the list of domains. When you specify multiple domains and if you are getting error messages or find that the parameter doesn't work, this detailed technote may help to resolve the issue.

IBM just released this new Cognos Analytics Active Report Viewer. This accelerator tool is capable of viewing and interacting with Cognos Analytics active reports. These types of reports can be consumed offline, which makes them an ideal solution for remote users.

Are you up to date with our Cognos Transformer documentation? 
Review our updated documentation on the additional configuration tasks to create a network installation, configuration for modelers or even how to deploy for modelers.

Recommended Resources

Across industry sectors, both management and leaders see a yawning gap between the promised and delivered impact of data science projects and wonder why the discrepancy exists.  For a comprehensive look at how to manage the delivery of data products, download this report from O'Reilly called "Operationalizing AI: How to Accelerate and Scale Across People, Processes, Platforms". 

Have you ever been curious about IBM's terms for each offering ?  You can review them here
Recommended Resources

See how Omar Khan has taken his IBM Data Visualization experience into Education. This ebook was created following a data collaborative workshop of perspective educators, researchers, and data scientists at Columbia University.

On-Premises Corner

IBM’s software support lifecycle policy specifies how long support will be available for IBM software products. You can use this site to track how long your version will be supported. This allows you to effectively plan your software investment and avoid any gaps. For example, did you realize that IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.x end of support is 2021-09-30 ?
Have you ever had a Cognos Analytics Report fail with error message CNC-DS-0029 ? Review this technote to see how to resolve this condition.

Before you install IBM Cognos Transformer, keep up to date with its system requirements.

Did you know that when installing a new version of Cognos Analytics over your current version, you can install without overwriting configuration settings from previous version. See how to preserve files and folders from previous version when upgrading your Cognos Analytics.

Recommended Videos

Tea & Biscuits: Better Together! IBM Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics - Available On Demand.
See the value in extending Cognos to your Planning and Planning to your Cognos.

From PMSquare: Review all the sessions from this year's Business Analytics Conference, also known as BACon 2021.  You can find all the technical seminars for data and analytics professionals here.
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